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Constitution of the Diving and Boating Safety Committee


Position of the committee within The University of Western Australia

1. The Diving and Boating Safety Committee is a sub-committee of the University Safety Committee. The University Safety Committee is an Advisory Committee to the Vice-Chancellor and a legislative requirement under the WA Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984.


2. The role of the committee is to provide advice, as appropriate, to the Vice-Chancellor or the University Safety Committee and—

(a) assist the University in complying with statutory and best practice industry standards for diving, boating and related activities;

(b) review and provide advice on diving, boating and related activity policies, procedures, manuals, guidance and programs for compliance and continuous improvement in these areas;

(c) assist workplaces and individuals by supporting the provision of relevant information, instruction and training;

(d) monitor diving, boating and related activities and performance;

(e) investigate related incidents and reporting of any violations; and

(f) make recommendations of appropriate disciplinary action in the event of unsafe diving, boating or related activities by any individual or group within the University—if necessary including suspension of these projects.


3.(1) The Diving and Boating Safety Committee comprises:

(a) a minimum of four members from schools and sections involved in diving and boating activities or able to contribute to the role of the Committee;

(b) two members of academic staff, nominated by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor;

(c) the Chair of the University Safety Committee, or nominee.

(2) The Chair is appointed by the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor.

(3) The Chair must appoint a Deputy Chair to act in the Chair’s absence.

Standing invitees

4. The Diving and Boating Safety Officer is a standing invitee.

Terms of office

5. The term of office of members appointed under 3(a) and 3(b) is two years.

Eligibility for a second or subsequent term of office

6. At the end of a term of office, members appointed under 3(a) and 3(b) may be re-appointed.

Skills and/or qualifications of members

7. It is desirable that members elected/appointed under 3(a) and 3(b) have knowledge, skills, and experience in diving and boating fundamentals and application and also experience in University administration.


8. The quorum for the Committee is four members.


9.(1) All questions which come before the Committee are decided by a majority of the members present and voting.

(2) The Chair of the meeting has an ordinary vote and a casting vote.

Frequency of meetings

10. The Committee normally meets at least once every four months (three times a year) but may meet more frequently if necessary.


11.(1) The Committee may delegate its responsibilities under 2 to the Chair or their nominee.

(2) The Committee may delegate its responsibility in relation to considering and recommending on specific applications to a sub-committee (comprising committee membership) or a working party (not necessarily with committee membership) depending on the issue.


12. No elections for committee membership are required.

Decision-making and local communications maps

A decision-making map illustrating where the committee’s business comes from and where its recommendations or decisions go is available at (to be advised).

A local communications map illustrates where information comes to the committee from and which committees or groups need to be informed of the committee's decisions is available at (to be advised).

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