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Constitution of the UWA Publishing Advisory Board.



1.(1) There is a University entity called UWA Publishing.

(2) The objects of UWA Publishing are—

(a) to publish, and encourage and assist in the publication of, works of scholarship and merit; and

(b) to publish works of interest to international and national communities, ensuring that all publications which bear the University imprimatur are of a high standard both in content and presentation.

Role of the Advisory Board

2. The UWA Publishing Advisory Board (the Advisory Board) is responsible to the Executive Director (Finance and Resources)

(a) determining what publications may bear the University imprimatur;

(b) providing advice to the Director, UWA Publishing to undertake, or assist in, the publication, either on its own or jointly with other publishers, of such works as it thinks fit;

(c) assisting the Director, UWA Publishing in setting long-term goals for UWA Publishing;

(d) advocating for and networking on behalf of UWA Publishing in diverse forums;

(e) considering financial information regarding UWA Publishing's activities in sufficient detail so as to guide its operations;

(f) submitting an annual report for consideration by the Senate; and

(g) furthering the objects of UWA Publishing.


3. The Advisory Board comprises:

(a) a nominee of the Vice-Chancellor;

(b) the Chief Operating Officer;

(c) four members of the academic staff nominated by the Chair of the Academic Board to represent a spread of academic interests;

(d) one member of academic staff with relevant expertise nominated by the Chair of the Advisory Board, to assist in the development of specific academic publishing programs;

(e) up to three members co-opted by the foregoing members.

Executive Officer

4. The Director, UWA Publishing is Executive Officer to the Advisory Board.

Term of office

5.(1) The term of office of members nominated in terms of 3(a),(c) and (d) is three years, and may be renewed.

(2) Co-opted members are appointed annually and may be reappointed.

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Election of Chair and Deputy Chair

6. The Advisory Board elects its chair and deputy chair annually from among its members.


7. The quorum for a meeting of the board is three members.


8.(1) All questions which come before the board are decided by a majority of the members present and voting.

(2) The chair of the meeting has an ordinary vote and a casting vote.

Charles and Joy Staples South-West Region Publications Fund Committee

9. The Advisory Board has a standing committee, known as the Charles and Joy Staples South-West Region Publications Fund Committee, which operates under its own constitution.

Publishing Committee

10.(1) The Advisory Board has a sub-committee, known as the Publishing Committee, which analyses and approves potential books for publication by UWA Publishing.

(2) These approvals are then presented to the Advisory Board for noting.

(3) The Publishing Committee's membership includes UWA Publishing staff and members of the Advisory Board, including the Chair.

Finance Committee

11. The Advisory Board has a sub-committee, known as the Finance Sub-Committee, which provides financial advice to it on a regular basis.

Reporting requirements

12. The Advisory Board, through the Executive Director (Finance and Resources), must submit an annual report to the Senate.

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