Rules and regulations of the University

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The University of Western Australia has rules and regulations in place to cover all staff and students while on campus.


Academic Board Regulations (PDF copy) (Word copy)
Membership of the Academic Board
New Guild Regulations approved by Senate on 4 March 2021 (R16/21)
Regulations covering the administration, operation and elections of the UWA Student Guild.
Regulations for Student conduct and discipline (PDF copy)
Behaviour which the University regards as misconduct and procedures for dealing with cases of possible misconduct.


Student rules for courses
Student rules for Undergraduate Degree Course, Diploma, School, Higher Degrees by Research and Combined Courses.
Library Rules
Details of authorised users and conditions of use.
Reviews and Appeals
The University Policy on the Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students provides for students to request a review of an academic decision relating to them, and to appeal if they are dissatisfied with the outcomes of that review.

Repealed regulations

Computer and software use regulations
Computer and Software Use Regulations – has been converted to the University Policy on Acceptable Use of IT Policy UP19/1 and Cybersecurity Policy UP19/2.
Course regulations
Course Regulations – content incorporated in the Academic Board regulations – see Part 6 Courses in the AB Regulations.
Regulations for admission to undergraduate award courses
Regulations for Admission to Undergraduate Award Course – content already covered extensively in the University Policy on Admission (UP16/5).

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