The Senate is the University's governing body, empowered with the authority to make statutes, regulations and by-laws as detailed in the University Calendar.

Standing committees of the Senate meet regularly and make recommendations to the Senate on relevant matters.

The Senate consists of 17 members:

  • the Chancellor—ex officio
  • the Vice-Chancellor—ex officio
  • three appointed by the Governor
  • two elected by Convocation
  • one elected by and from the academic staff of the University
  • one elected by and from the general staff of the University
  • the Chair of the Academic Board
  • two elected by and from enrolled students of the University
  • not more than five co-opted members.

All elected, appointed and co-opted members other than the students have three year terms, and may serve for no more than three successive terms. Full membership details are available here.

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Senate Charter and Senate Code

The Senate Charter defines the powers of the Senate.

The Senate Code outlines the legal responsibilities, accountabilities and liabilities of each member of the Senate and details the standards and conduct to be adhered to by those members.

Matters Retained by the Senate

The Senate retains the following matters to itself:


The Senate is governed by the conditions set down in UWA Statute and operates under the Senate Regulations and Standing orders of the Senate.

Meeting dates 2022

Meeting Date Document Deadline
(to Office of the Vice-Chancellor)
22 March 2022 24 February 2022
23 May 2022 5 May 2022
4 July 2022 16 June 2022
22 August 2022 4 August 2022
17 October 2022 29 September 2022
5 December 2022 17 November 2022

Senate and Senate Committees 2022 Meeting Dates

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