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UWA offers a number of governance related courses for staff.

How the University works: Organisational and committee structures
An insight into the University's structure and decision-making processes.
Committees: Role of Committee Executive Officer
Purpose and functions of committees at UWA and the contribution of the role of the executive officer.
Committees: Conducting successful meetings
This three hour workshop on conducting successful meetings is a must for anyone who is responsible for conducting or chairing meetings or committees and who has found themselves wondering if there is a better way to get agreement on future actions.
Writing Policies and Procedures: From Formulation to Dissemination
This workshop, with the intended audience of policy writers, policy reviewers and managers of policies, will improve confidence in developing and writing strong and accurate policies and procedures.
Records management
There are many courses to assist staff keep up-to-date with record management practices, including record keeping awareness and understanding the Business Classification Scheme.

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