The governance of the University takes place within a framework which exists to provide for the effective, ethical and accountable governance and management of the University.

Key instruments within this frameworks are:

The Acts of the Western Australian Parliament cover, among other things, the establishment of the University, its colleges, buildings and teaching hospitals.
The Statutes govern the University's internal structure, procedure and practice. They deal with matters of central importance, including the Senate, the Schools, the granting of degrees and diplomas and student discipline.
The University of Western Australia Lands By-Laws
These by-laws apply to every person, vehicle or thing which is at any time on the Lands of the University.
Regulations are made by the Senate and relate to procedural aspects of matters which are dealt with in the UWA Act or a Statute. They include regulations regarding the Senate, Academic Board and the Guild.
University rules are used to regulate matters in greater detail, usually used to specify details that change on a regular basis.

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University policies direct and guide conduct and decision-making. 


Delegations of authority are the mechanisms by which the University enables officers, committees and other bodies of the University to act on behalf of the University

External legislation

Commonwealth and State legislation affecting the University's operations can be accessed through the State Law Publisher (State Legislation only) or ComLaw