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Susan Takao, Executive Officer.

Membership of the board

Constitution of the Institute of Advanced Studies Advisory Board.

This committee operates in accordance with the UWA Principles for the Operation of Committees and UWA Rules for the Operation of Committees. Members must act in accordance with the University Committee Members' Code of Conduct.


Position of the board within The University of Western Australia

1. The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) Advisory Board is responsible to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) .

Role and mission

2. The role of the advisory board is to—

(a) provide advice to the Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and/or Academic Council on policy and programming matters for the successful operation of the IAS; and

(b) ensure community links are strong to ensure the outreach aspect of IAS is fulfilled.

3. The mission of the IAS is to promote the recognition of The University of Western Australia in an international context by initiating programmes and activities that—

(a) encourage cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental research;

(b) encourage distinguished scholars to visit the University and assist their residency;

(c) encourage dissemination of the University's research results to the larger population;

(d) stimulate public debate on contemporary issues; and

(e) develop and maintain institutional collaboration with the key international partners of the University.

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4.(1) The advisory board comprises:

(a) the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) as Chair;

(b) two members of the Academic Board appointed by the Chair of the Academic Board;

(c) the Dean of the Graduate Research and Postdoctoral Training;

(d) the Chair of the Academic Board;

(e) the President of the Postgraduate Students' association;

(f) four external members, including one staff member from another institution who has established research standing; and

(g) the Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies as a non-voting member.

(2) Appointments of members under (1)(f) are made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), with the advice of the advisory board and the IAS Director.

Terms of office

5. The term of office for all but ex-officio members is three years, subject to arrangements being made with current members to ensure continuity of membership on the board.

Eligibility for a second or subsequent term of office

6. At the end of a term of office, members appointed under 4(1)(b) and (f) are eligible to be reappointed, but must not serve more than two consecutive terms.

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Skills and/or qualifications of members

7. Members elected/appointed under 4(1)(b) and (f) must have research, scholarship or administrative skills appropriate to the work of the Institute of Advanced Studies.


8. The quorum for a meeting of the advisory board is five persons.


9.(1) All questions which come before the advisory board are decided by a majority of the members present and voting. 

(2) The chair of the meeting has an ordinary vote and a casting vote.

Frequency of meetings

10. The advisory board meets at least once per year.


11. The advisory board may delegate its responsibilities to the Chair.

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