University Hall Council

The constitution and membership of the University Hall Council

This University Hall Council (UHC) operates in accordance with the Principles for the Operation of Committees and Rules for the Operation of Committees. Members must act in accordance with the University Committee Members’ Code of Conduct.

1. Role

The role of the UHC is to:

  1. advise and make recommendations on the strategic direction of the Hall;
  2. offer advice on major developments and associated policy issues;
  3. advise the Principal of University Hall on development opportunities within the University and wider community;
  4. bring to the Hall’s attention emerging strategic issues which have the potential to impact on the future success of the Hall;
  5. consider and recommend ways in which any issues highlighted by the Principal may be improved;
  6. provide a means of communication and advice for the overall operation of the Hall;
  7. assist in the development and engagement of alumni relationships.

2. Membership

  1. The UHC comprises:
    1. Nominee of the Vice-Chancellor;
    2. Member appointed by the Senate;
    3. The Director, Student Life;
    4. Principal of University Hall;
    5. President of the University Hall Resident Club Committee;
    6. Two Alumni of University Hall nominated and elected by the UHC;
    7. One community/ industry representative;
    8. Graduate resident nominated by the Principal of University Hall.
  2. At the first meeting of each year the UHC must appoint from among its members a Chair.
  3. The UHC has the power to Co-opt members for special purposes.
  4. The member appointed under 2(1)(g) may be an Alumni of University Hall.

3. Terms of office

  1. The term of office of members appointed under 2(1)(a), (b), (f) and (g) is three years.
  2. The term of office for co-opted members is one year.
  3. The term of office of the member nominated under 2(1)(h) is one year.

4. Eligibility for a Second or Subsequent Term of Office

At the end of a term of office, members listed in 3 (1), (2) and (3) are eligible to be reappointed again but must not serve for more than three consecutive terms.

5. Skills and/or Qualifications of Members

  1. It is desirable that members appointed under 2(1) (a) and (b) have a leadership role within their respective functional work area and it is important this be taken into account when nominees are appointed.
  2. It is desirable that members appointed under 2(1) (f) and (g) have a leadership role within their work area and have an individual profile, or their associated industry has a profile, within the wider community.

6. Quorum

The quorum is at least five members including at least one of the members appointed under 2(1)(a), (b), or (c).

7. Frequency of Meetings

The UHC will meet at least three times a year.