Cruthers Collection of Women's Art Advisory Committee

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Pier Leach, Executive Officer.

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Constitution of the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art Advisory Committee

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Name of Committee 

Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art Advisory Committee

1. Position 

The committee is an advisory committee to the Vice-Chancellor.

2. Role statement

The role of the Committee is:

  1. to provide advice and recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor in relation to the functions given to the Committee by the Deed of Gift, for the purposes of administering all aspects of the CCWA, including:
    • addition of new works of art;
    • sale and loan of works of art;
    • preparation of annual budget for maintenance of the CCWA collection;
    • relationship with the Family;
    • relationship with the Foundation.
  2. ensuring the Collection is administered in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Deed of Gift; and
  3. to deal with any other business as directed by the Vice-Chancellor.

3. Membership details

The Committee comprises:

  1. one member nominated by the Vice Chancellor, who will act as Chair;
  2. one member nominated by the Senate;
  3. one member nominated by the Foundation;
  4. the CCWA Curatorial Advisor, as defined in Schedule 1;
  5. the UWA employee who holds the office designated as the CCWA Curator.

3.1 Terms of Office

The term of office of a member referred to in clause 4(a0, 4(b) and 4(c) is 3 years.

4. Quorum

The quorum for a meeting of the Committee is four members.

5. Decisions

All questions that come before the Committee are decided by a majority of the members present and voting.

In the event that the Committee cannot achieve a majority, the Committee will advise the Vice-Chancellor, who shall make a final decision.

6. Frequency of meetings

The Committee normally meets 4 times each year but may meet more frequently when necessary.

7. Delegation


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