Discipline procedures

Further information

Guild Regulations made under Statute 20

14.1 Disciplinary Officers

14.1.1 The role of the disciplinary officers is to—

(a) enforce compliance with the Guild Rules; and

(b) refer contraventions of the Guild Rules to the Discipline Committee.

14.1.2 The Disciplinary Officers of the Guild comprise:

(a) Guild Councillors who are ordinary members;

(b) executive officers of the Societies Council, the Education Council and the Public Affairs Council; and

(c) members appointed by the Guild Council.

14.1.3 A member who impedes a disciplinary officer in the exercise of their role is liable to the penalties applicable to serious offences as set out in these Regulations.

14.1.4 If, in the opinion of a disciplinary officer, there is a serious contravention or persistent contraventions of the Guild Rules included in the Statute Book, the Disciplinary Officer may exclude the person or persons responsible for the contraventions from the buildings occupied by the Guild until the next meeting of the Disciplinary Committee.