Regulations for student conduct and discipline

  1. Definitions
  2. Purpose of Regulations


1.(1) In these Regulations—

(a) 'member of the University' means a member of the Senate, a member of Convocation, a member of the University staff or a student as defined in paragraph (e);

(b) 'misconduct' means—

(i) an act or omission of a student which is prohibited by a University Statute, regulation, rule, by-law, Code of Conduct or policy or Senate Resolution, or by an order made under a University Statute, regulation, rule, by-law or Senate Resolution; or

(ii) any conduct on the part of a student which impairs the reasonable freedom of other members of the University to pursue their studies or researches, or the reasonable freedom of persons to express their opinions within the University, or to participate in the life of the University, or which impairs University administration;

(c) 'academic misconduct' as defined in the University Policy on: Academic Integrity, is any activity or practice engaged in by a student that breaches explicit guidelines relating to the production of work for assessment, in a manner that compromises or defeats the purpose of that assessment;

(d) 'professional misconduct' is inappropriate behaviour by a student of the University whilst undertaking a component of their course of study either internally or externally (that is, professional/clinical placement, field trip, inter-institutional units) that, while not constituting academic misconduct, constitutes a breach of standards of professional conduct expected within that field of study;

(e) 'student' means a person enrolled in an award course of the University, whether in Perth or elsewhere, or enrolled through University Extension as a continuing education student in units offered within award courses of the University;

(f) 'University' when used to describe a locality includes all the land and buildings over which the Senate exercises control whether because the University is the proprietor of the land or building, or because University activities are carried out on the land or in the buildings;

(g) 'University working days' means those weekdays not specified as University Holidays in the University's Principal Dates;

(h) reference to a person by the appointment, position or office held includes reference to a person for the time being acting in the appointment, position or office, or to a person's deputy acting in their absence;

(i) terms in the singular include the plural, and terms in the plural include the singular.

(2) Without limiting the generality of the definition in sub-regulation (1), examples of misconduct are set out in Schedule 1.

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Purpose of Regulations

2.(1) The purpose of these Regulations is to inform students of behaviour which the University regards as misconduct, to implement fair and just procedures for dealing with cases of possible misconduct and to provide for the imposition of penalties for misconduct.

(2) These Regulations are to be read in conjunction with the University's Guidelines on Academic Integrity.

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