Guild Council Sitting as the Appeals Committee

17.1 General Regulations

17.1.1 The Guild Council sits as an Appeals Committee, hereafter the Appeals Committee.

17.1.2 Members of the Guild Discipline Committee are excluded from membership of the Appeals Committee.

17.1.3 The Appeals Committee elects its own chair who acts as the executive officer of the committee.

17.1.4 The General Secretary of the Guild will, as soon as convenient after an Appeals Committee is appointed, provide the executive officer of that committee with three copies of each of the following: 

(a) the notice of appeal;

(b) the report of the Discipline Committee;

(c) the report, if any, of any dissenting member of the Discipline Committee; and

(d) any other documents relating to the matter.

17.1.5 The Secretary of the Guild will give the appellant and any other parties concerned at least seven days notice of the date and time for the consideration of the appeal.

17.1.6 The appellant and other parties concerned are entitled to appear personally and to be represented before the Appeals Committee.

17.1.7 The Appeals Committee, when considering an appeal, may permit the appellant and other parties concerned to appear, present a case or both in such a manner or form as the committee decides.

17.1.8 The executive officer will notify the appellant and other parties of any decisions taken.

17.1.9 The General Secretary of the Guild, by not less than four working days' notice in writing, may require any member or associate to give evidence to the Appeals Committee.

17.1.10 A member or associate served with such notice must attend as required.

17.1.11 The Appeals Committee may—

(a) admit evidence by declaration made under these Regulations;

(b) permit persons who are not members or associates to give evidence before it; and

(c) permit any group of members, associates or both or any University society required or entitled to appear before it to appear by a representative.

17.1.12 The Appeals Committee may confirm, reverse or vary any decision made by the Discipline Committee but may not impose penalties in excess of those authorised by these Regulations.

17.1.13 Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final and not subject to further appeal or review within the Guild.