Guild Election Regulations made under Statute 20 - Election timetable

Guild Election Regulations made under Statute 20

Election timetable

613(1) Annual General Elections

The general Elections for the positions set out in Schedule 1 shall be held annually.

613(2) Establishment of Election

(a) If the Guild Council decides to request the Electoral Commission to conduct the Election and appoint the Returning Officer then the following provisions apply.

(b) The Managing Director of the Guild shall provide notification to the Electoral Commissioner of the Annual General Election of the Guild

(c) Such notification shall be made by the end of the First Semester and shall include:

(i) a request to the Electoral Commissioner for assistance in the recruitment and appointment of a Returning Officer and/or Substitute Returning Officer;

(ii) details of the proposed timetable for the Elections submitted by Guild Council; and

(iii) a copy of all current electoral Regulations (certified correct by the relevant authorities) relating to the Guild Elections and any other polls held in conjunction with the poll for which the Returning Officer will have responsibilities.

(d) A request made outside this period may still be considered provided the Electoral Commissioner is satisfied that it is still practicable for the Election to be conducted, and a timetable can be set to meet with all other timetable requirements set out in these Regulations.

(e) The actual timetable for the Elections must be both proposed by the Guild Council and approved by the Returning Officer before it is officially adopted.

613(3) Parameters of close of Electoral Rolls

The close of Electoral Rolls shall be 2400 hours midnight on the Friday preceding the opening of nominations.

613(4) Parameters of close of nominations

(a) Nominations shall open on the date of the official Notice inviting nominations.

(b) Nominations must be open for at least 10 Teaching Days.

(c) Subject to regulation 613(8) nominations must close at least 14 Days before polling commences.

613(5) Parameters of polling dates

(a) Ordinary voting for the Annual General Election shall be held over 4 consecutive Teaching Days during September or within the first two Weeks following the second semester non-teaching study break.

(b) Polling shall commence on a Monday.

613(6) Parameters of declaration of poll

The poll shall be declared by the Returning Officer on the completion of counting but not later than 30 Days after the close of the poll.

613(7) Determination of order of name on ballot paper

Within 7 Days of the close of nominations (excluding a Saturday or Sunday), the Returning Officer shall determine by lot the order in which names will appear on the ballot paper for positions for which a poll will be held.

613(8) Extensions

(a) No extensions to the timetable are permitted where the Returning Officer has not been appointed by the Electoral Commissioner.

(b) If the Returning Officer has been appointed by the Electoral Commissioner, they may in their absolute discretion, extend the time appointed for the Nomination of candidates and the taking of the poll.

(c) No extension of the time for taking the poll may be extended by up to 7 Days from the date that was originally set. Only one such extension shall be permitted.

(d) Where an extension of time is made under this section, Public Notice of the extension shall be given by the Returning Officer by placing a notice to that effect on the Guild notice board and by publicising through any other means that the Returning Officer deems appropriate.

(e) A Returning Officer appointed by the Electoral Commissioner may extend the period of nominations where no nominations are received or for any unfilled vacancies in multi-member positions until 12 noon on the third Teaching Day following the original close of nominations.

613(9) Other polls

The timetable of polls held in conjunction with the Annual General Election shall be in accordance with the parameters prescribed in the Regulations that govern those polls.

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