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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Function/Role-based Email Aliases

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy outlines the application process for an email alias associated with a particular role or function performed by one or more people. It provides guidance on format, use and management.


Band of Delegated Authority is the organisational structure of the University presenting the various levels of authority.

IS is Information Services within the University of Western Australia.

SSO is the Single Sign-on Network, the online self-service desk used to request IT help.

Policy statement:

Various groups or sections of the University may require shared access to an email account that relates to a specific function or role. This might be a publications unit or an enquiries section where the email address remains the same even if mailbox users change or vary. Function/role-based email aliases are required to adhere to University approved standards and processes.

1 A UWA email alias is an official form of email address used for University business.

1.1 An authorised alias email address is created to meet communication needs of a recognisable function or role within the University.

1.2 An alias will be linked to one or several persons (such as a committee or working party) who will be responsible for daily operations.

1.3 An alias email address is the preferred address for use in official University publications (websites, information brochures, etc.)

2 Requests for function/role-based email aliases

2.1 Each function/role-based email account must have a designated 'owner' who will take responsibility for its management and administration.

2.2 Requests for function/role-based accounts can be lodged through the IT Service Desk SSO using a staff Pheme username and password. (If your IT support is managed locally rather than by Information Services, contact your local IT Support staff.)

2.3 Requests for function/role-based email accounts must be approved by a staff member of Band 5 and above.

2.4 The 'owner' or creator of the account will grant access to specified individuals.

2.5 Authorised users can access function/role-based accounts using their own Pheme username and password.

3 Alias format for emails

3.1 A function/role-based email alias will be constructed using the format <function/role-abbreviation > (e.g. or <faculty/school/area> (e.g.

3.2 In cases where the function/role or faculty/school/area is not relevant, as in high-level or generic function/roles, a format such as vice-chancellor or software can be used.

3.3 Email aliases are constructed using the official Faculty/School/Area abbreviations list. The list is maintained by IS and may be added to on request.

4 Closure of function/role-based accounts

4.1 The business area requesting the account is responsible for notifying IS should the account no longer be required.

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