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Technology And Telecommunications
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Information Technology - Central Unit
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30/01/2008 Revised 01/03/2011
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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Student Internet and Network Access

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy outlines the conditions for student internet and network access.


Appropriate use is any use of the University's Internet facility that is compliant with the Computer and Software Use Regulations, in particular section 6.1(g) and where the usage does not, with or without intent, degrade the quality of the service for other users.

Excessive use is usage that is not appropriate and may impact on other users or University business.

Facility ­­is every item and kind of computer equipment, computer software, network and related items and equipment provided by the University, whether or not owned by the University, and includes any items and equipment to which access is given by or through the University.

Unacceptable is usage that is excessive, not appropriate, in breach of any of the University's regulations and policies, or in breach of Federal or State laws or codes of conduct.

Policy statement:

The University automatically provides enrolled students with an IT access account. Students can upgrade their account to provide a full access student account which enables use of Unifi, student wired access, restricted networks such as libraries and school computer laboratories, and remote access. There is no charge for this service but students using UWA IT facilities and services are expected to comply with the relevant University regulations and policies including UWA Computer and Software Use Regulations.

The following principles define the underlying rules regarding student internet and network access.

1 Students are required to use the University internet and network in a manner that is ethical, lawful and not to the detriment of others.

1.1 University internet and network are made available for appropriate use and cannot be used to engage in any activity that may cause offense, harm or displeasure to others.

1.2 Students must not use University IT facilities and services for the purpose of spamming or to engage in any commercial or for-profit activities, such as running a business.

1.3 Accessing or downloading unacceptable content is not permitted with the use of University facilities.

2 Internet access is monitored and may be restricted or withdrawn if found to be excessive or unacceptable.

2.1 Any device or equipment found to be interfering with or disrupting the UWA network may be subject to a request for relocation or removal.

2.2 Internet usage is primarily for study purposes, and should only be used for purposes reasonably connected with enrolment as a student at the University.

2.3 Penalties may be applied for any user who breaches University regulations and policies.

3 Students are encouraged to take security measures while accessing the University internet and network.

3.1 Students are required to take reasonable precautions to secure personal passwords, accounts, software and data while having access to the University internet and network.

3.2 To prevent the spread of viruses or any unauthorised access to client devices connecting to the Unifi network, peer-to-peer connections are blocked at the University firewall.

3.3 When students cease to be an enrolled student, access to University IT facilities and services will be terminated within a defined period.

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