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Human Resources
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Human Resources - Central Unit
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28/06/2007 Revised 27/06/2014
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Incremental Progression

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy defines the nature and purpose of annual salary increments, qualification for provision to advance an employee more than one increment (accelerated increment) or grant a special increment.

The provisions of this policy do not apply to casual employees.


"Disciplinary Action" means action taken by the University to discipline an employee for unsatisfactory performance.

"Employee" means a person employed by the University who has an ongoing or fixed term contract under the terms of the Academic Staff Agreement or Professional & General Staff Agreement (as amended or replaced from time to time)

"Increment" means salary steps within a classification level

"Supervisor" means the person who is responsible for day-to-day supervision of the employee

"University" means The University of Western Australia

Policy statement:

1 Annual Increment

1.1 Subject to satisfactory performance, employees will proceed by annual increment through the salary range appropriate to the classification of the position occupied, to the maximum of the range.

1.2 A salary increment will be paid to staff, on the due date, unless notification of a performance issue has been advised to the Director, Human Resources at least one month before an increment is due.

HR Services regularly send a report to the appropriate Head of School, or equivalent, by envelope marked Direct and Confidential advising them of employees who have appointments with an increment date due within approximately the next two months. Increment information can also be accessed through the Staff List report in Human Resources Departmental Reports ( Web Reports).

2 Increment Date

2.1 The incremental due date will be the anniversary of appointment of a new employee.

2.2 The incremental due date will change when -

  • an employee is appointed to a vacant position at a higher level,
  • an employee's position is reclassified to a higher level, or
  • an accelerated increment is paid at a date other than at the existing incremental date

and will be extended by the period of any leave without pay which is longer than two weeks.

2.3 Deferred Salary leave will not count as service for purposes of incremental progression.

3 Accelerated Increment

3.1 Where it can be demonstrated that exceptional circumstances exist or that an employee has performed their duties in an exceptional, rather than competent, manner the University may advance an employee more than one increment or grant a special increment or increments in the salary range appropriate to the classification of the position occupied.

3.2 Outstanding performance will have to be established by a Performance and Development Appraisal (PDA) conducted within three months prior to the accelerated increment application.

3.3 Accelerated increments will not normally be considered in the first year of an initial appointment.

3.4 An accelerated increment will generally be paid at the normal increment date. At this time the employee will be advanced by two points rather than one. The existing increment date is preserved.

3.5 If the employee is already at the maximum of the salary range or if there is no incremental range for the position, alternative performance recognition may be considered.

Applications are to be recommended by the supervisor for approval by the Approved Delegate. Prior to recommendation, the supervisor will ensure that funds are available, particularly for grant funded positions where funds may be restricted to a particular point on the range.

After approval, details of the accelerated increment (with a copy of PDA-"Section 2 including Overall Assessment" attached) are to be submitted to HR Services-Employment M350 for processing and payment.

4 Withholding of Increments

4.1 Professional Staff

UP 07/252 Managing Unsatisfactory Performance-Professional Staff

4.2 Academic Staff

Academic Staff Agreement - Schedule C

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