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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: University Theatres Hire Charges

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy sets out the way in which charges for the hire of University theatres are determined


In this policy and any associated procedures,

internal hirers means academic and administrative bodies within the University and Guild affiliated clubs

approved hirers means those who have an official association with the University or those whose activities are judged by University Theatres to be beneficial to the University, such as the Perth International Arts Festival or the University Choral Society

external hirers means those who are not internal hirers or approved hirers .

Policy statement:

1.1 Internal hirers pay the direct costs of using University facilities except in the case of use for academic classes and subject to any discount applied.

1.2 The hire charges for University facilities are based on commercial rates.

1.3 Subject to Clause 1.5, discounts on hire charges and utilities charges are provided to internal users and approved hirers.

1.4 The nature of the function is taken into consideration when University Theatres decides the appropriate discount to apply.

1.5 Wage and salary costs incurred by University Theatres to present the function must be recovered from the hirer in full.

1.6 To qualify for the internal hirer discount, the function must be a core business activity, managed within the organisation.

1.7 Internal bodies presenting a non-core function or co-presenting an event with an external organisation may be eligible for approved hirer status.

1.8 Discounts applied in the case of internal hirers and approved hirers are as follows:

Internal hirers

Venue hire 100% discount

Utilities charges 50% discount

Wages no discount

Approved hirers

Venue hire 50% discount

Utilities charges 50% discount

Wages no discount

1.9 No discount is available in the case of external hirers, who pay full commercial rates irrespective of whether they are corporate, fund raising or amateur organisations.


Hirers wishing to apply for internal or approved status must contact the Theatre Manager.

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Theatre Manager, University Theatres

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