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Definition of function area

An approved University policy is allocated to a ‘function area’, to enable searching by function on the University Policy Library. The function area is allocated by the University’s Information Governance Services (IGS) at the time of publishing a new policy, and is based on the attached definitions.
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University Policies are listed here according to their function such as Research, Personnel and Teaching and Learning.

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Total Policies: 5

Community Relations

IdTitleLast Approved
UP13/13Charitable Gift Acceptance02/12/2013
UP16/2Memorial Services on Campus07/12/2015
UP07/126Naming Rights for Academic Positions, Facilities and Landscape Features02/07/2003
UP09/2Public Complaints05/02/2009

Total Policies: 4


IdTitleLast Approved
UP07/125Delegation of Dean's Duties and Responsibilities06/09/2007

Total Policies: 1

Facilities Management

IdTitleLast Approved
UP10/7Acquisition of Real Property22/10/2007
UP13/10Alterations to University Buildings01/09/2013
UP16/7Flag Protocol26/06/2020
UP13/11Management of University Space01/09/2013
UP07/79Permit Policy20/03/2008

Total Policies: 5

Financial Management

IdTitleLast Approved
UP09/12Capital Debt Management Policy21/12/2017
UP20/1Finance Policy11/05/2020
UP07/20Incidental Student Fees and Charges28/10/2019

Total Policies: 4

Human Resources

IdTitleLast Approved
UP07/175ARC and NHMRC Fellows04/12/2013
UP07/163Academic Appointments04/12/2013
UP15/3Academic Sabbatical03/05/2017
UP13/3Achievement Relative to Opportunity07/08/2013
UP07/200Acting Arrangements25/09/2014
UP07/210Additional Responsibilities Allowances (ARA) including Designated Role Allowances10/03/2014
UP11/45Appointment of Mid Career and Senior Fellows04/04/2018
UP07/213Attraction Allowance25/09/2014
UP07/118Award of the Title of Emeritus Professor01/01/2015
UP07/216Bonus Payments27/06/2014
UP07/247Career Mobility Policy17/01/2014
UP07/184Casual Appointments (Academic)11/07/2011
UP11/5Casual Employment - Professional & General Staff30/09/2014
UP07/196Changing the Status of the Appointment31/03/2014
UP07/7Children on the University Campus02/05/2012
UP07/219Clinical and Dental Loadings04/12/2013
UP12/32Conflicts of Interest14/03/2017
UP12/12Disability (including injury, illness and medical conditions)12/06/2015
UP07/209Discretionary Allowances and Payments25/06/2012
UP07/215Distinction Allowances (Academic Staff)01/11/2012
UP12/10Diverse Sexualities & Genders26/04/2012
UP07/190Employees Eligible for a Supported Wage19/05/2015
UP07/231English Language Training Leave12/12/2016
UP08/2Fast Track Appointment - General Staff25/09/2014
UP11/44Feedback Tools for Personal Development & Performance Evaluation05/12/2011
UP15/2Fixed Annual Remuneration Contracts09/02/2016
UP09/3Flexible Work and Leave Practices19/12/2008
UP08/4Fraud and Corruption Policy05/10/2015
UP07/235Further Education for Employees22/02/2017
UP07/9Gender Balance on Committees *08/07/2014
UP07/211Higher Duties Allowance - General Staff25/09/2014
UP07/203Home Based Work25/09/2014
UP07/263Honorary Appointments (excluding Senior Honorary (Research) Fellows)27/04/2011
UP07/261Hours of Work ( General Staff )29/03/2017
UP07/258Incremental Progression27/06/2014
UP07/193Job Sharing12/02/2016
UP16/6Leave (Excluding Long Service and Parental Leave)23/03/2017
UP18/6Managing Misconduct07/12/2018
UP07/212Market Allowance25/09/2014
UP10/8Mental Health Policy17/06/2015
UP07/214Merit Allowance24/10/2007
UP09/14National Police Certificates24/11/2016
UP07/223Parental Leave (including Partner Leave)22/05/2018
UP12/15Performance Allowance27/06/2014
UP07/10Prevention and Resolution of Bullying on Campus09/06/2014
UP07/197Probation (General Staff)27/06/2014
UP07/254Probation and Confirmation (Academic Staff)06/02/2015
UP07/14Professional Relationships in the Workplace Policy09/06/2014
UP07/204Professional and Consultative Work: Policy Requirements29/06/2010
UP15/4Public Interest Disclosures16/10/2015
UP07/194Recognition of Prior Service20/07/2017
UP07/181Relocation Expenses07/12/2015
UP12/16Retention Allowance25/09/2014
UP12/14Reward and Recognition25/09/2014
UP11/4Rural Clinical School of WA Family Friendly Travel Assistance14/02/2011
UP07/192Salary Packaging17/01/2014
UP07/218Salary Progression20/07/2017
UP07/158Selection for Appointment01/04/2012
UP07/177Senior Honorary (Research) Fellows01/04/2011
UP07/16Sexual Misconduct31/07/2017
UP11/22Social Media20/07/2017
UP07/207Starting Salaries27/09/2012
UP07/198Transfers and Secondments (including Staff Exchanges)25/09/2014
UP07/220Uniforms and Protective Clothing20/09/2012
UP07/178Visiting Appointments21/04/2011

Total Policies: 69

Industrial Relations

IdTitleLast Approved
UP11/14Pre-Retirement Contracts28/11/2016

Total Policies: 1

Information Management

IdTitleLast Approved
UP10/2Access to University Buildings and Electronic Systems by Staff and Visitors10/03/2014
UP07/57Domain Names Policy07/04/2014
UP20/2Information Protection Policy11/05/2020
UP07/157Information Retention Policy11/05/2020
UP07/49Intellectual Property Policy28/04/2014
UP20/4Policy Framework Policy *18/05/2020

Total Policies: 7

Occupational Health And Safety

IdTitleLast Approved
UP09/5Alcohol and Other Drugs08/04/2014
UP07/153Injury Management18/12/2012
UP12/19Overcrowding in Venues and Teaching Spaces12/05/2012
UP07/150Smoking Policy25/05/2015
UP12/18Work Health and Safety Policy13/12/2017

Total Policies: 5

Total Policies: 7

Staff Development

IdTitleLast Approved
UP07/147Staff Development Grants Scheme11/04/2017

Total Policies: 1

Strategic Management

IdTitleLast Approved
UP12/30All Staff Email21/11/2012
UP07/115Committee Membership - Deans30/05/2011
UP07/117Delegations Policy07/02/2008
UP11/17Reviews of Administrative Divisions04/05/2001
UP11/16Reviews of Schools and Other Academic Units04/05/2011
UP12/1Risk Management25/06/2012

Total Policies: 7

Student Administration

IdTitleLast Approved
UP11/26Academic Progress (other than in courses administered by the Graduate Research School)04/04/2018
UP16/5Admission - Coursework06/07/2016
UP11/38Availability of Undergraduate Units02/11/2011
UP13/12Boards of Examiners and the Academic Progress Review Sub-Committee03/12/2014
UP11/40Certification for Award Courses01/08/2018
UP11/41Certification for non-award courses06/12/2011
UP07/132Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities01/04/2015
UP20/5Course Performance Review and Evaluation17/06/2020
UP17/3Courses - Undergraduate06/06/2020
UP15/6Courses: Coursework Dissertation02/12/2015
UP15/7Courses: Postgraduate Coursework01/04/2020
UP15/8Courses: Research Thesis02/12/2015
UP11/36Courses: Transition Arrangements (Undergraduates)24/07/2015
UP11/12Credit Point Value of Units20/12/2011
UP11/34Credit transfer, advanced standing and recognition of prior learning06/04/2014
UP11/43Establishment and Award of Scholarships04/12/2019
UP07/122Fees: Payment and refund of tuition fees for domestic postgraduate students15/01/2014
UP14/1Fees: Setting, amending and monitoring tuition fees for domestic postgraduate students01/01/2014
UP11/49Graduation: Academic Dress14/11/2019
UP11/8Higher Doctorates06/04/2011
UP18/1Institutional Collaborative Student Pathways (ICSP)04/04/2018
UP07/116Names and abbreviations for degrees, diplomas and certificates16/09/2019
UP07/96New regulations, rules and policies application to existing students09/09/2003
UP07/121Non-Award Course Fees for Domestic Students01/01/2003
UP07/139Refund of Tuition Fees for International Students31/01/2012
UP15/1Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students17/06/2020
UP18/4Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions for Courses Managed by the Graduate Research School18/03/2002
UP20/3Setting and Managing Student Quotas in Coursework Courses06/05/2020
UP11/23Special Consideration05/04/2017
UP14/4Structure of the Academic Year04/07/2017
UP07/98Student Complaint Resolution20/08/2020
UP18/5Student Enrolment07/12/2018
UP12/5Substitution of Units in Coursework Courses06/12/2017
UP14/9Waiver of Rules and Policies Applying to Courses23/02/2015

Total Policies: 37

Student Services

IdTitleLast Approved
UP12/2Chaplaincy Services05/03/2012
UP10/3Student Housing - Allocation of UWA Owned Residential Properties12/04/2010

Total Policies: 2

Total Policies: 21

Technology And Telecommunications

IdTitleLast Approved
UP19/1Acceptable Use of IT18/02/2019
UP19/2Cyber Security18/02/2019
UP07/54Take-Down Procedures10/03/2014

Total Policies: 3

Policies marked with (*) are still to be revised in light of the University's Legislative and Policy Framework and formatted according to the new policy template