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The University of Western Australia

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University Policy on: UWA Strategic Research Centres

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Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy sets out the criteria for establishing, reviewing, and disestablishing UWA Strategic Research Centres at The University of Western Australia, and the responsibilities of the persons and areas involved. Specifics of the relationship between the Centre and the Faculty/School must be set out upon establishment of the Centre in an agreed Compact, and further details of responsibilities and procedural issues are set out in the Procedures for establishing, reviewing, and disestablishing UWA Strategic Research Centres at The University of Western Australia.

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Example 1

This policy defines the nature and purpose of study leave provisions for academic staff and sets out eligibility criteria and other conditions that apply.

Example 2

This policy seeks to rationalise the award of honours across the University by addressing such issues as: entry standards, course content and structure, supervision, assessment, examination, grades, classifications, benchmarking and the maintenance and provision of documentation relating to these matters. It is based on resolutions of the Academic Board flowing from the 1999 report of the Honours Working Party.


For the purposes of this policy and any associated procedures,

the University means The University of Western Australia

UWA means The University of Western Australia

HDR means Higher Degree by Research

CRC means Cooperative Research Centre

ARC means Australian Research Council

IRC means Institutional Research Centres

NHMRC means National Health and Medical Research Council

UWA Strategic Research Centres include Institutional Research Centres, Collaborative Research Centres, and Affiliated Research Institutes

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Policy statement:

1. General Principles

1.1 UWA Strategic Research Centres are:

a) established at UWA through the approval of Academic Council when the activity adds significant value to the Universitys research profile and resources;

b) recognised nationally and internationally for the excellence of their research outcomes and training, as well as for the service provided to their relevant stakeholders;

c) one of the major drivers of the Universitys research collaboration by fostering strong linkages across disciplines, faculties, and with external partners.

d) aimed at helping in the recruitment of outstanding staff and HDR students enrolled through collaborating Schools; and

e) a mechanism of meeting the emerging needs of multi-disciplinary teaching and research, and in providing leadership opportunities for outstanding researchers by building critical mass.

1.2 The establishment, management, and reporting requirements of these UWA Strategic Research Centres must capture and demonstrate the value to the University.

2. Characteristics of UWA Strategic Research Centres

2.1 An Institutional Research Centre:

a) does not involve an external node and for which the University has sole responsibility.

b) comprises a minimum of ten (10) Full Time Employed (FTE) academic staff members engaged in research at its inception and renewal, with 70% of these staff employed on external funding.

c) in receipt of substantial external research funding often require contractual arrangements with an external party.

d) is normally focused on a specific area of interest, often with a scope greater than a single discipline.

e) lies within a School and are responsible to the Head of that School.

f) is responsible for its own governance, but within oversight of the School.

g) must ensure that their performance, funding, and alignment significantly contribute to UWAs research strengths and opportunities.

2.2 A Collaborative Research Centre:

a) involves external organisations and contractual funding agreements.

b) may comprise one or more nodes of the Centre located outside the University. 

c) has an independent Board of Management, with UWA representation, or with UWA as a partner, and is subject to formal external review. 

d) has greater than 20 FTE researchers involved in the UWA node, of which some may be from outside the University.

e) is operationally managed by a Director, who need not be appointed at UWA. In this case there must be a node leader appointed at UWA who reports to the Head of a home School but who works collaboratively with other Heads of School relevant to the activity of the Centre.

2.3 Affiliated Research Institutes (normally independent Medical Research Institutes)

2.3.1 An Affiliated Research Institute is formed as an incorporated body external to UWA, but intersects through the establishment of a UWA Research Centre. It is subject to the same requirements as an Institutional Research Centre.

2.4 Faculty endorsed Groups

2.4.1 Faculty endorsed groups:

(a) are those that do not meet all the criteria referred to in section 2.1 of this policy.

(b) may be endorsed by the Faculty as a Research Group or other such designation, but are not categorised as a UWA Strategic Research Centre.

2.4.2 The Dean must ensure that the Groups activities contribute significantly to the Universitys research strengths and priority areas and align with the Facultys research strategy.

2.4.3 Processes for the establishment, review and disestablishment of faculty endorsed groups are the responsibility of the faculty and there is no central process for the control of them.

3. Establishing UWA Strategic Research Centres

3.1. All proposals for the establishment of a new UWA Strategic Research Centre must:

(a) follow the instructions set out in the Procedures for establishing, reviewing, and disestablishing UWA Strategic Research Centres and Collaborative Research Centres at The University of Western Australia.

(b) use the form Proposal to Establish and Renew a UWA Strategic Research Centre at UWA.

(c) be submitted to the University Research Committee for endorsement and recommendation for final approval by the Academic Council.

4. Responsibilities

4.1. UWA Strategic Research Centres:

(a) must be managed and governed in a manner that ensures that the high reputation of UWA is maintained.

(b) must not engage in activities which could bring UWA into disrepute or in any way conflict with the mission of UWA.

(c) may have an Advisory Committee, or other external reference committee as required under the contractual terms of the Centre.


5. Reporting and Review of UWA Strategic Research Centres

5.1. UWA Strategic Research Centres must be reviewed in a timely manner, according to the Procedures for establishing, reviewing, and disestablishing UWA Strategic Research Centres and Collaborative Research Centres at The University of Western Australia.


5.2. An unacceptable review or outcome of reporting or review may be a cause for disestablishment of the Centre under Section 6 of this policy.

6. Disestablishment

6.1. The disestablishment of a UWA Strategic Research Centre occurs in accordance with the Procedures for establishing, reviewing, and disestablishing UWA Strategic Research Centres and Collaborative Research Centres at The University of Western Australia.


6.2. In determining whether the continuation of a UWA Strategic Research Centre is approved, the Research Committee takes into account the advice of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and relevant Heads of Schools and Executive Deans of the Faculties as to whether:

a) the purposes and objectives of the Research Centre have been met;

b) the Research Centre is continuing to provide a unique and productive role in the University;

c) the Research Centre continues to fit within the basic organisation structure of the University; and

d) the Research Centre has a firm financial base.



The establishment, review and discontinuation of a UWA Strategic Research Centre must occur in accordance with the procedures set out in Schedule A entitled: Procedure for establishing, reviewing, and disestablishing UWA Strategic Research Centres and Collaborative Research Centres at The University of Western Australia




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UWA Strategic Research Centre Application Form



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