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Occupational Health And Safety
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Safety, Health and Wellbeing
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20/12/2005 Revised 18/12/2012
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Injury Management

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy is a statement of the commitment, scope, responsibilities and objectives of the University of Western Australia with respect to the management of injuries or illness in the workplace.


The University means The University of Western Australia.

Injury Management Process means the management of staff member's injuries and illness in a manner that is directed at enabling injured workers to return to work.

Inherent requirements means:

the ability to perform the tasks or functions which are a necessary part of the job productivity and quality requirements;

the ability to work effectively in the team or other workplace; and

the ability to work safely.

Reasonable accommodation means making reasonable changes within the workplace to ensure the provision of equal opportunity for people with an illness or disability. Such accommodations may include (but are not limited to):

Changes to job design, work schedules or other work practices;

Modifying work premises;

Modifying equipment; and

Providing training or other assistance.

Return to Work Program means the individual return to work plan or program developed to the specific needs of the staff member in consultation with the injured worker, the general practitioner, line management and Injury Management Consultant.

Policy statement:


The University is committed to assisting injured workers to return to work as soon as medically appropriate. The University will adhere to the requirements of the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 in the event of a work related injury, and to the requirements of the Disability and Discrimination Act 1992 in managing illness and disability for non-work related incidents. The University supports the injury management process and recognises that a successful return to work relies on the active participation and cooperation of the injured worker, the supervisor and the general practitioner.

  1. SCOPE

Workers' compensation entitlements are available to all workers of the University (and its approved affiliates) who have sustained a work related injury and are deemed workers in accordance with the definitions included in the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

Where an injury or illness is not work related, the University is required to establish the inherent requirements of the injured person's position and then, if practicable, to provide reasonable accommodation to enable the injured person to perform their duties.


All managers and supervisors are required to:

Provide safe systems at work, training and equipment to prevent injuries;

Ensure that whenever reasonably practicable, suitable duties will be arranged having regard for the injured person's medical restrictions; and

Be actively involved in the implementation and monitoring of and ensure compliance with the Return to Work Program.

Those who sustain an injury are required:

To promptly notify their immediate manager/supervisor and follow the injury management process; and

Actively participate in the injury management process and return to work program.


The University will endeavour to:

Ensure that appropriate injury prevention and health promotion interventions are identified, communicated and implemented;

Ensure injured workers receive early, appropriate and accurate medical assessment and appropriate workplace support;

Provide the best possible response to the management of injuries that impact on the workplace so that those injured can remain at work or return to work at the earliest appropriate time; and

Encourage a supportive social environment within the workplace by facilitating the co-operation of management and colleagues of the injured person.

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Associate Director - Safety and Health

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