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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Summer School

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy deals with the provision of units during the summer school.


In this policy and any associated procedures,

the University means The University of Western Australia

UWA means The University of Western Australia

summer school means a teaching period during the summer vacation

a teaching period is a scheduled duration, within an academic year, in which a unit of study is offered and includes approved non-teaching study breaks, pre-examination study breaks and examination periods

Policy statement:

1 Objectives

1.1 Summer school provides -

1.1.1 enrolled students the opportunity to:

(a) repeat units subject to the rules governing their course;

(b) accelerate their progress;

(c) broaden their studies, with or without claiming credit towards their degree;

(d) facilitate a move from one degree course to another, for example by taking prerequisites,

where the units are offered;

1.1.2 people studying through University Extension's ACCESS UWA program the opportunity to take advantage of a wider range of units;

1.1.3 school leavers with an ATAR below the cut-off the opportunity to study units through ACCESS UWA;

1.1.4 students from other universities the opportunity to transition to UWA; and

1.1.5 prospective students the opportunity to take non-award units relating to the University's literacy requirements and mathematics prerequisites.

1.2 Summer school enables better use of the University's facilities.

1.3 Summer school provides employment opportunities for additional staff members, funded through the fees paid by students.

2 General Principles

2.1 Faculties may offer units in a summer school -

(a) for credit towards courses of the University for the benefit of students already enrolled in those courses; and

(b) for the benefit of other enrolees accepted through University Extension's ACCESS UWA program.

2.2 Units offered in the summer school can normally be credited to a course only if they are also available during semester one or semester two of the academic year.

2.3 UWA students cannot be required to enrol in the summer school.

2.4 If UWA students undertake units in the summer school, the results are taken into account in calculating satisfactory progress and progress status for a calendar year as if they formed part of that calendar year's work.

3 Credit

3.1 All students enrolled for the summer school enjoy the privileges afforded to UWA students, except that, for those who are not enrolled in an award course of the University, the work completed is only considered for credit to such a course if the student is admitted to the course.

3.2 If a person enrolled through the ACCESS UWA program on a continuing education basis is subsequently admitted to a course of the University, the relevant faculty or board may grant credit towards the course for units completed in the summer school in accordance with the University Policy on credit transfer, advanced standing and recognition of prior learning.

4 Duration

4.1 The official period in which summer school may occur is from the last week in November of the previous year to the last week in January of the current year. Teaching of a summer school unit may commence at any time during this teaching block.

4.2 The span of active teaching for a summer school unit during the period referred to in 4.1 is six weeks or equivalent for units taught in intensive mode.

4.3 No lectures are held on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Australia Day. If any of these days fall on a weekend, no lectures are held on the related Public holiday Monday.

4.4 Summer school examinations are held for an additional week in the first week of February each year.


i. Any examinations for summer school undergraduate and postgraduate units are centrally timetabled and administered by the Exams, Progression and Graduation Office of Student Administration.

ii. Schools must advise the Senior Manager, Student Services, Central Service Delivery, of their examination requirements (on a proforma to be provided by Student Services) no later than the end of January.

iii. Examination results must be forwarded to Student Services by 12 noon on the Tuesday following the week of examinations.

iv. All results are issued in the same format as results for units offered in a standard semester. [See University Policy on Assessment (UP15/5)]

5 Progress status

5.1 For a UWA student, other than one enrolling through ACCESS UWA on a continuing education or audit basis, the result of a unit undertaken in the summer school is considered to be part of the current calendar year's enrolment for the purposes of determining the student's progress status.

6 Approval of units

6.1 A faculty or board submitting or approving a proposal to offer a unit in the summer school is responsible for ensuring that the unit meets academic standards comparable to those for units taught in a standard semester or trimester.

See Process for availability of Summer School units

7 Enrolment

7.1 Students may enrol for units to a maximum value of 12 points in a summer school.


i. People enrolling in units through the ACCESS UWA Program should refer to the ACCESS UWA brochure at for closing dates for enrolments.

ii. For UWA students, the closing date for enrolment in the summer school is the University enrolment deadline for the year in which the unit is offered.

iii. All enrolments for UWA students (local and international) are administered by Student Services, and enrolments forwarded to the faculty concerned for approval in the usual way.

iv. University Admission administers ACCESS UWA enrolments.

v. International Students are required to seek advice from Admissions on how enrolment in the summer school might impact on their compliance with the requirements of their visas.

8 Fees

8.1 Enrolment in summer school units is on a fee paying basis, except as set out in 8.2.

8.2 UWA Commonwealth supported students who are not enrolling through ACCESS UWA on a continuing education or audit basis are liable to pay a student contribution amount for units undertaken in the summer school.

8.3 For international students, the fee is calculated on a cost per unit basis.

8.4 UWA Extension's withdrawal, refunds and change of unit policy applies if a person enrolled through ACCESS UWA changes enrolment.


i. People enrolling in units through ACCESS UWA should refer to the ACCESS UWA brochure at for unit costs.

ii. International students are invoiced for any summer school fees in the same way as for units undertaken in semesters one and two.

9 Accommodation

9.1 Summer school has priority access to teaching accommodation to the same extent as applies to teaching activities in standard semesters.


i. Schools are responsible for booking the teaching accommodation for summer school units though the Venues Management, which will ensure that rooms are open for use.

10 Staffing

10.1 Participation by academic staff in summer school teaching is optional.

10.2 Participation by a member of academic staff in summer school teaching must not result in a teaching load for the year which exceeds the norm for the standard year for a staff member in the school concerned, unless this is the subject of a written agreement between the staff member, the head of school concerned and the dean, and is in accordance with current Human Resources policies.

10.3 Academic staff may be paid loadings for summer school teaching if the head of school concerned confirms in writing that the staff are undertaking work additional to the normal annual teaching and research requirements of their appointments. The level of such loadings is subject to approval by the dean concerned.

10.4 Faculties/schools may employ casual staff to undertake summer school teaching provided that the teaching of each unit is co-ordinated by a member of the academic staff of the faculty/school concerned.

11 Distribution of income from summer school

11.1 The distribution of income from summer school students is as determined by the Vice Chancellor on the advice of the Planning and Resources Committee.

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