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All official University policies should follow an approved format.

This simple guide will show you how to write new policies in the approved University Policies format and have them stored in TRIM.


Step 1

If a TRIM file does not yet exist for the proposed policy complete a New General File form to have one created. Use the policy function as the keyword.

Note: All policies must have a TRIM file where policy development and other relevant information is housed.

Step 2

Obtain confirmation that University Policy status is appropriate for the proposed policy. Seek advice from your Director or contact Academic Policy Services for advice, if required.

It is strongly recommended that confirmation of University Policy status be sought at this point in the process. However, it may be sought after the policy has been written using the University Policies template.

Step 3

Download the University Policies template to the preferred folder on your network drive.

Step 4

Write the policy, and, if appropriate, procedures following the instructions for the University Policies template.

Note: Procedures, if any, can be written at this stage and approved by the relevant Director. Alternatively procedures may be written and/or approved after the policy has been approved by the appropriate person or body (Step 5). (If confirmation of University Policy status has not previously been obtained, seek such confirmation at this point.)

Step 5

Submit the policy, usually via the appropriate Director or delegate, to the relevant approving body or position chosen from the list in the instructions for the University Policies template with the request that the policy be returned to you once approved.

Step 6

If there are procedures associated with the policy and these have not yet been written and/or approved this should be done now.

Note: Procedures are approved by the relevant Director.

Step 7

Following approval of the document, obtain a University Policy number (UPyy/xxx) from Information Governance Services by completing the New University Policy Number form and insert it in the appropriate box at the end of the University Policies template.

Step 8

Complete the relevant date and any other remaining empty boxes at the end of the University Policies template.

Step 9

Save two versions of the policy document – one version as a Word document and the other version as indicated in the instructions for the University Policies template.

Step 10

The Director or delegate emails to Information Governance Services both the Word document and the html document for storage in TRIM.

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