Delete an existing policy

Further information

  • Amend an existing policy
  • Writing a new policy
  • Convert an existing policy

This simple guide will show you how to delete existing policies.


Step 1

All University Policies should have a related TRIM file which houses the general administration documentation of the policy. In circumstances where a TRIM file does not exist for the policy, contact Information Governance Services who will store any relevant information appropriately.

Step 2

Information Governance Services should be emailed details of the University Policy to be deleted with authorisation for its deletion from the appropriate custodian; policy number, policy name and reason for the policy deletion.  A copy of the email should also be placed on the related TRIM file.

Step 3

If the policy is being superseded or replaced by another policy, that information including the policy number should be included in the email to Information Governance Services.  This information should also be placed on the related TRIM file.

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