University Policy Library - Information Sheets


Staff are encouraged to contact the nominated ‘Contact Position’ detailed at the bottom of each individual University Policy where policy-specific information is required. 

For general academic policy related queries, contact the Academic Secretary, Academic Policy Services.

Information and advice sheets which provide further information on the University Policy Library

Frequently asked questions

Provides further information regarding:
  • policy, procedure, process and 'good practice guides';
  • University Policy;
  • University Procedures;
  • communication and implementation plan

 Roles and Responsibilities

Advice relating the range of roles which influence the development, review, rescission and approval of policy and procedure within the University.

 Writing Tips

Tips on how to write a policy.

 Effective stakeholder engagement

Identifies potential stakeholders and the benefits of stakeholder engagement.

 Implementation and communication 

Details the key elements of what to include in a communication and implementation plan.

Policies and Guidelines

 Developing Procedures

Includes a procedure development toolbox which has been developed to provide guidance to all UWA staff with a need to develop or manage procedures aligned to policy.