University Policy Library - Developing Procedures


Staff are encouraged to contact the nominated ‘Contact Position’ detailed at the bottom of each individual University Policy where policy-specific information is required. 

For general academic policy related queries, contact the Academic Secretary, Academic Policy Services.

What is a procedure?

A procedure that is linked to a policy is a mandatory statement or graphical depiction, outlining how a policy is implemented at the University level. A procedure:

  • identifies the body/sections or responsible officer(s) who are to act;
  • states when the actions occur;
  • reflects the sequence of events; and
  • applies University-wide.

Procedure Development Toolbox

A procedure development toolbox has been developed to provide guidance to all UWA staff with a need to develop or manage procedures aligned to policy.

Toolbox Contents

  • Policy, Procedure and Local Processes – An overview 

Outlining the difference between policy, procedure and local process

A starting point to assist with the development of a procedure - the workflow outlines the role of the policy / procedure developer and the role of stakeholders.

Extract from the training package for ‘Writing Policies and Procedures’ workshop.

Sample workflow developed in Visio – a good example of appropriate title, legend, links and ownership (who to contact).

Sample procedure developed as a number list and embedded in a policy document.