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  • Statute 4 - Applications for Admission to Convocation
  • Statute number 9 - Convocation
  • Statute 12 - Method of Election by Convocation

Convocation was created in the University of Western Australia Act 1911 as an integral part of the University to establish an electorate of those eligible to vote in elections for positions on the Senate and the Council of Convocation and to review proposed changes to UWA Statutes.


Three statutes govern Convocation:


1. Convocation is the UWA entity which represents the graduates of The University of Western Australia. Graduates of UWA and members and past members of the University's Senate are automatically members of Convocation. Also included in its membership are persons specifically admitted by the Council of Convocation or the Senate under the provisions of the UWA Act and Statutes, including academic staff of the University, representatives of commercial, industrial, scientific, professional or educational bodies, and those who have rendered services or made gifts to the University. (Section 17(1) of the University of Western Australia Act 1911 and Statute No. 4).

2. The Council of Convocation performs the function of the management committee of Convocation and consists of the Warden, Deputy Warden, Immediate Past Warden and 21 members who are elected for a three-year term, seven of whom retire by rotation every year.

3. The Council of Convocation meets monthly between the months of February and December to manage the performance of the five roles ascribed to Convocation in UWA Statute 9. These are as follows:

Governance role

(a) to encourage members of Convocation to participate in the governance of the University through the election of Convocation members to the Senate and the review of amendments to University statutes;

Representative role

(b) to represent the interests and opinions of members through effective communication and present such views to the University and the community of Western Australia;

Contribution role

(c) to encourage members to support and contribute to the intellectual and cultural prosperity of the University community;

Membership interaction role

(d) to promote professional and social links between members of Convocation by creating and supporting opportunities for graduate interaction; and

Promotion of excellence role

(e) to promote the ideals and purpose of the University and Convocation to graduates and undergraduates, other members of the University, and the community of Western Australia.

4. Convocation holds at least two Ordinary Meetings each year to which all members of Convocation are invited to receive an update on the University's progress towards its goals and objectives. The first Ordinary Meeting is held on the third Friday in March and another is held on the third Friday in September, unless these dates are deemed unsuitable by the Warden. The election of Warden, Deputy Warden and candidates to the Council of Convocation shall be declared at the March Ordinary Meeting in each year.

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