Academic Year Calendar

The following academic dates have been confirmed for the academic years 2021 (Academic Council R34/18, Academic Board R90/20), 2022 (Academic Council R31/19, Academic Board R90/20) and 2023 (Academic Board R90/20).

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Principal DatesDayDateUA Common
Vacation Weeks
First Semester beginsMonday22 February-8
Easter Monday - non-teaching study break begins (1 week)Monday5 April5 April14
First Semester endsFriday21 May-20
Pre-examination study break beginsMonday24 May-21
First Semester examinations beginSaturday 29 May-22-23
Student Vacation beginsMonday14 June-24-29
UA Common Vacation WeekMonday5 July5 July27
Second Semester beginsMonday26 July-30
Non-teaching study break begins (1 week)Monday6 September-36
UA WeekMonday 27 September-
Second Semester endsFriday22 October-42
pre-examination study break beginsMonday25 October-43
Second Semester examinations beginSaturday30 October-44-45
Summer Vacation beginsMonday15 November-46


Principal DatesDayDateUA Common
Vacation Weeks
First Semester beginsMonday28 February-9
Easter Monday - non-teaching study break begins (1 week)Monday18 April18 April16
First Semester endsFriday27 May-21
Pre-examination study break beginsMonday30 May-22
First Semester examinations beginSaturday4 June-23-24
Student Vacation beginsMonday20 June-25-29
UA Common Vacation WeekMonday4 July4 July27
Second Semester beginsMonday25 July-30
Non-teaching study break begins (1 week)Monday5 September36
UA Common WeekMonday26 September 26 September 39
Second Semester endsFriday21 October-42
Pre-examination study break beginsMonday24 October-43
Second Semester examinations beginSaturday29 October-44-45
Summer Vacation beginsMonday14 November-46


Principal DatesDayDateUA Common
Vacation Weeks
First Semester beginsMonday27 February-9
Non-teaching study break begins (1 week)Monday10 April10 April15
First Semester endsFriday26 May-21
Pre-examination study break beginsMonday29 May-22
First Semester examinations beginSaturday3 June-23-24
Student Vacation beginsMonday19 June-25-29
UA Common Vacation WeekMonday3 July3 July27
Second Semester beginsMonday24 July-30
Non-teaching study break begins (1 week)Monday4 September36
UA Common WeekMonday25 September25 September40
Second Semester endsFriday20 October-42
pre-examination study break beginsMonday23 October-43
Second Semester examinations beginSaturday28 October-44-45
Summer Vacation beginsMonday13 November-46


Summer School

The official period in which a summer school (non-standard) teaching period may occur is from the last week in November of the previous year to the last week in January of the current year. Summer school examinations are held for an additional week in the first week of February each year. Please refer to the University Policy on Summer School for more information about the UWA Summer School.