Statute No. 17: Student Discipline

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Statute No. 17: Student Discipline

1. In this Statute—

(a) 'misconduct' means—
(i) an act or omission of a student which is prohibited by a University Statute, regulation, rule, by-law or Senate resolution, or by an order made under a University Statute, regulation, rule, by-law or Senate resolution; or
(ii) any conduct on the part of a student which impairs the reasonable freedom of other members of the University to pursue their studies or researches, or the reasonable freedom of persons to express their opinions within the University, or to participate in the life of the University, or which impairs University administration;
(b) 'student' means a person enrolled in an award course of the University, whether in Perth or elsewhere, or enrolled through University Extension as a continuing education student in units offered within award courses of the University;
(c) 'member of the University' means a member of the Senate, a member of Convocation, a member of the University staff or a student as defined in paragraph (b).

2. The purpose of this Statute is to provide a definition of student misconduct and to give the University authority to deal with allegations of misconduct.

3. If no other process for dealing with a complaint is prescribed in a specific instance by another Statute, or regulation, rule or by-law, a complaint of misconduct made by a member of the University against a student must be dealt with in accordance with the regulations made from time to time by the Senate under this Statute.