Statute No. 19: Academic Board

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Statute No. 19: Academic Board

1. There shall be an Academic Board, the constitution and membership of which are prescribed in the regulations made under this Statute.

2.(1) The Board elects its Chair and Deputy Chair from among its members.

(2) The term of office of the Chair and Deputy Chair is normally two years but in exceptional circumstances the Board may approve a different term.

(3) During the term of office of the Chair and Deputy Chair the Board must elect its next Chair and Deputy Chair.

(4) In the absence of the Chair, the duties of the position are undertaken by one of the following in the order shown—

(i) the Deputy Chair;
(ii) the Chair Elect;
(iii) a member elected by the Board for a specified period but, for limited periods only between Board meetings, the Chair may appoint a Board member to undertake the duties of the position if neither the Deputy Chair nor a Chair Elect is available.

3. The Board, after receiving reports from a faculty or other body as appropriate—

(a) recommends to the Senate the making, amending and repealing of regulations relating to courses, scholarships, prizes and other awards and to all other academic-related matters; and
(b) approves rules specifying the course requirements, structures and policies applying to courses for degrees, diplomas and certificates.

4.(1) The Board advises the Senate on all proposals for—

(a) the creation or disestablishment of faculties and schools; and
(b) the transfer from one faculty to another of responsibility for funding a school; and
(c) the establishment and abolition of scholarships, prizes and other awards, unless otherwise provided in other Statutes.

(2) The Board, through its Chair, advises the Vice-Chancellor on all appointments to which full academic conditions apply.

(3) The Board receives and considers correspondence from the Guild of Undergraduates and forwards, with or without comment, any intended for communication to the Senate.

(4) Subject to the provisions of the Statutes and to the regulations made by the Senate, the Board has the power to do anything authorised or prescribed by the Senate and may advise the Senate or the Vice-Chancellor, as appropriate, on any matter.

(5) The Board may delegate any of its powers and responsibilities to its Chair, to its committees or to faculties.

5.(1) All questions which come before the Board are decided as prescribed in the regulations made under this Statute.

(2) In the case of an equality of votes on any matter the Chair has a casting vote.

6. After each meeting, the Board must forward to the Senate a report containing any items for the Senate’s consideration.

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