6.1(1) Subject to sub-by-law (2) a person must not drive a vehicle other than on a traffic area unless authorised by a Permit to do so;

(2) A cyclist may ride a bicycle also on any pathways declared by the Senate to be for the use of cyclists.

6.2 The driver of a vehicle on the Lands must—

(a) not exceed 25 kilometres per hour or any lower speed limit specified by a traffic sign;
(b) if driving into or out of a parking area, give way to traffic on roadways;
(c) obey every signal, order or direction of an Authorised Person or a member of the Police Force;
(d) comply with all traffic signs;
(e) not do or omit to be done any act which if done on a road (as defined in the Road Traffic Act 1974) would be a breach of any Act or regulation.

6.3 A person may park a bicycle on any area of the Lands set aside for the parking of bicycles.

6.4 Subject to by-law 6.3 no person may park a vehicle—

(a) on the Lands between 8am and 5pm on weekdays unless that person holds a valid Parking Permit, Parking Ticket or Permit for that vehicle and that area;
(b) other than wholly within the marked boundary of a parking bay;
(c) in a reserved bay unless the driver or vehicle is within the class of persons or vehicles or is engaged in the activity for which the bay is reserved;
(d) contrary to any traffic sign;
(e) if it is a motorcycle, motor scooter or similar vehicle, other than in a parking bay of a size appropriate to the parking of those vehicles.

6.5 At any time other than between 8am and 5pm on weekdays a person may park a vehicle other than a bicycle in any parking bay other than a reserved bay.

6.6 An Authorised Person may remove any vehicle—

(a) parked in breach of the by-laws;
(b) parked in a position which interferes with or obstructs traffic on the Lands; or
(c) which appears to the Authorised Person to have been abandoned on the Lands,

to any place which the Authorised Person thinks fit, whether on or off the Lands. The Authorised Person may take any action considered reasonably necessary to remove the vehicle including but not limited to unlocking the vehicle, entering it by any means and driving or towing it.

6.7 If a vehicle is removed under by-law 6.6—

(a) the owner must pay all costs and expenses incurred by the University in removing it and the University may retain possession of the vehicle until those amounts are paid; and
(b) the University and its employees, servants and agents are not liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the removal provided reasonable care was taken to protect the vehicle and its contents.

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