1.1 These by-laws may be cited as the 'The University of Western Australia Lands By-laws'.

1.2 These by-laws shall come into force when approved by the Governor and published in the Government Gazette.

1.3 In these by-laws unless the context requires otherwise—

'Act' means the University of Western Australia Act 1911;

'Authorised Person' means an authorised person as defined in Section 16A of the Act;

'drive' includes roll, propel or park and 'driving' includes rolling, propelling or parking;

'driver' means the person driving or in charge of a vehicle;

'Infringement Notice' means an infringement notice issued in accordance with these by-laws;

'Lands' has the same meaning as 'lands of the University' in Section 16A of the Act;

'modified penalty' means a penalty set out in the Second Schedule;

'no parking area' means a part of a traffic area or a length of carriageway which is marked by a 'no parking' traffic sign, in which a driver must not stop any longer than two minutes to drop off or pick up passengers or goods—provided they do not leave the vehicle unattended or move more than three metres from it;

'no stopping area' means a part of a traffic area or a length of carriageway which is marked by a 'no stopping' traffic sign or a yellow continuous line painted along the edge of an area or carriageway, in which a driver shall not stop;

'owner' in relation to a vehicle includes the owner for the purposes of the Road Traffic Act 1974 and the hirer of any vehicle;

'park' means to permit a vehicle whether attended or not, to remain stationary, except for the purpose of avoiding conflict with other traffic, complying with the provisions of any law or taking up or setting down persons or goods (maximum of two minutes);

'parking area' means a portion of traffic area or carriageway to which a 'permissive parking' sign applies pursuant to by-law 3.1;

'parking bay' means the marked boundary set aside in a parking area for the parking of a single vehicle;

'Parking Permit' means an authority to park a vehicle issued in accordance with these by-laws other than a Parking Ticket;

'Parking Ticket' means a ticket obtained from a vending machine on the payment of the fee prescribed from time to time by the Senate;

'Permit' means a written authority signed by an Authorised Person;

'Registrar' means the Registrar of the University and any person acting as the Registrar of the University or the Registrar's authorised agent from time to time;

'reserved bay' means a parking bay with respect to which there is a traffic sign which expresses some limitation as to the classes of persons, classes of vehicles or purposes for which it is available;

'specified vehicle' with respect to a Parking Permit means the vehicle specified in the application made for the Parking Permit;

'traffic area' means an area set aside under Part 3 for the purpose of driving or parking vehicles;

'traffic sign' means a marking, notice, sign or device to regulate, guide or control traffic or parking or to prescribe maximum speed limits;

'University' means The University of Western Australia;

'vehicle' has the same meaning as in the Road Traffic Act 1974, and in Parts 4 to 11 inclusive and Part 18 of the Road Traffic Code 2000 and includes an animal driven or ridden, a motor car, truck, motor cycle, motor scooter, semi-trailer, caravan, trailer, bus, coach or bicycle or any other motorised or wheeled means of transport but does not include a wheeled toy or wheeled recreational device;

'Vice-Chancellor' means the Vice-Chancellor of the University and any person acting as the Vice-Chancellor of the University from time to time and any person to whom the Vice-Chancellor has delegated the Vice-Chancellor’s powers under these by-laws;

'wheeled recreational device' means a wheeled device, built to transport a person, propelled by human power or gravity, and ordinarily used for recreation or play including in-line skates, rollerskates, skateboard or similar wheeled device, a scooter being used by a person aged 12 years of age or older and a unicycle. It does not include a golf buggy, pram, stroller or trolley, or a bicycle, wheelchair or wheeled toy;

'wheeled toy' means a child's pedal car, a tricycle, a scooter or a similar toy, but only if it is being used by a child under 12 years of age.

1.4 For the purposes of Section 16A(1) of the Act the Lands described in the First Schedule are Lands of the University.

1.5 These by-laws apply to the Lands.

1.6 These by-laws apply to every person, vehicle or thing which is at any time on the Lands.

1.7 The Vice-Chancellor may delegate any of the Vice-Chancellor's functions, powers or duties under these by-laws to any person in accordance with the Act.

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