7.1 Where an Authorised Person alleges that a person has used, driven or parked a vehicle in breach of these by-laws that Authorised Person may issue an Infringement Notice in accordance with the by-laws.

7.2 An Infringement Notice must be—

(a) in a form approved by the Vice-Chancellor;
(b) addressed to the driver or, if not known, to 'the owner';
(c) served on the addressee by—
(i) leaving it on or attached to the vehicle involved in the alleged breach;
(ii) posting it to the last known place of residence or business of the addressee; or
(iii) giving it to the driver.

7.3 If the driver is unknown and an Infringement Notice is addressed to 'the owner', the owner is deemed to be the driver at the time of the alleged breach unless that person—

(a) notifies the University Registrar in writing of the name and address of the driver at the time of the alleged breach; or
(b) satisfies the University Registrar that at the time of the alleged breach the vehicle had been stolen or unlawfully taken or used.

7.4 If, within the time specified in the Infringement Notice for payment of the penalty, the addressee gives a written explanation with respect to the alleged breach to the University Registrar and—

(a) the explanation is accepted, no further action will be taken in respect of that breach; or
(b) the explanation is not accepted, an Authorised Person must issue a further Infringement Notice stating that the explanation is not accepted and that further action will be taken against the addressee unless the modified penalty is paid within a specified time.

7.5 No person other than the addressee of an Infringement Notice may remove an Infringement Notice left on or attached to a vehicle by an Authorised Person or member of the Police Force.

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