2.1(1) The Senate may from time to time by resolution declare any part of the Lands open to members of the public or any specified portion of the public, and may declare the times when and the hours between which the Lands or such part of them are so open.

(2) The Senate may from time to time declare the Lands or any part of them closed to all persons or any class of persons for any period it thinks fit.

(3) The Senate may revoke or modify without notice any declaration made pursuant to sub-by-laws (1) and (2).

(4) The Vice-Chancellor may temporarily exercise the powers conferred on the Senate by this by-law where it appears to the Vice-Chancellor necessary for the proper management, protection or preservation of the Lands.

2.2 Subject to these by-laws a person may enter or be present on the Lands if that person is—

(a) a member of the Senate or of Convocation;
(b) a member of the teaching staff of the University;
(c) an employee of the University or the Guild of Undergraduates carrying out that person's duties as such an employee;
(d) attending a lecture or undertaking a course at the University during such times and in respect of such portions of the Lands as that person may properly be present upon for such purpose; or
(e) a holder of a Permit authorising that person to enter or remain present on the Lands but then only in accordance with the terms of such Permit.

2.3 No person shall enter, remain or be upon the Lands—

(a) except—
(i) pursuant to and in accordance with an authority conferred pursuant to these by-laws; or
(ii) upon such part thereof as has been declared as aforesaid to be open to the public, and then only during the time and hours when the same have been declared so open.
(b) in any case, contrary to a declaration made pursuant to sub-by-law 2.1(2)

save that a person who has lawfully entered may remain in accordance with the terms applying at the time the person entered notwithstanding any subsequent revocation or modification of a declaration by the Senate until such time as such revocation or modification is brought to that person’s notice.

2.4 No wheeled recreational devices are permitted to enter or be present on the Lands.

2.5 No child under the age of 15 years shall enter or be present on the Lands unless at all times that child is in the charge of an adult.

2.6(1) An Authorised Person may cause notices to be erected on the Lands giving effect to any declaration of the Senate or a decision of the Vice-Chancellor and such notices shall have effect according to their tenor.

(2) A person who enters or remains on any portion of the Lands contrary to the terms of any such notice commits an offence.

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