The University of Western Australia Lands By-Laws: Part 5 – Conduct of Persons on the Lands

5.1 No person shall spit upon any path or upon or in any building or erection on the Lands.

5.2 No person shall throw, place, deposit or leave any rubbish, refuse, paper, bottles, glass, broken glass, or litter of any kind or nature whatsoever on the Lands other than in a receptacle provided for that purpose.

5.3 No person shall use any abusive or insulting language on the Lands.

5.4 No person shall do or commit any offensive, indecent or improper act nor behave in an offensive, indecent or improper manner nor engage in any conduct which is offensive, indecent or improper on the Lands.

5.5 No person shall—

(a) post, stick, stencil, paint or otherwise affix any matter to or on any part of the Lands or any building, erection, fence, wall, pathway, traffic area, tree, shrub or hedge;
(b) distribute or give out any placard, handbill, notice, advertisement or any other printed, stencilled or graphic matter whatsoever;
(c) write, print, draw or affix any matter to or on any building, erection, fence, wall, pathway or traffic area

on the Lands unless that person is the holder of and then only in accordance with a Permit authorising such act except that with the permission of the relevant authority notices may be attached to noticeboards.

For the purposes of this by-law the relevant authority means the administration, Guild of Undergraduates, school or department as the case may be which has the care of that noticeboard and permission means permission given in the manner determined by the relevant authority.

5.6(1) Smoking of tobacco or tobacco-related products or any other substances is prohibited in smoke-free areas.

(2) Except by resolution of the Senate, all parts of buildings on the Lands whether fully enclosed or not, are smoke-free areas.

(3) The Senate may from time to time declare any other parts of the Lands to be smoke-free areas.

5.7 No person shall bring, keep or consume any intoxicating liquor on the Lands except in accordance with a Permit.

5.8 No person shall—

(a) cut, break, deface, pick, remove, injure or destroy any tree, shrub, hedge, plant or flower;
(b) remove, damage, deface, or interfere with any stake, label or plaque;
(c) walk on or over, or cause damage to any bed containing or being prepared for flowers or shrubs;
(d) enter, remain or be in or upon any pond or ornamental water;
(e) enter or walk on or over any part of the Lands which is enclosed, whether temporarily or otherwise, and on or near which there is affixed a notice prohibiting entry;
(f) damage, injure or interfere with any fence, building, erection, or any fixed or movable article on the Lands; or
(g) remove from the Lands or move from one part to any other part of the Lands any fixed or movable article of whatsoever kind, nature or description

on the Lands unless such act is done by a person as a requirement of such person's employment with the University or in the case of paragraph (g) such person proves a legal entitlement to do so.

5.9 No person shall—

(a) carry or discharge any firearm;
(b) carry, set off or throw any fireworks;
(c) set off any fire balloon;
(d) kindle or make any fire except in such places that an Authorised Person provides for that purpose; or
(e) throw or discharge any stone or missile 

on the Lands unless expressly authorised to do so by a Permit.

5.10 No person shall, or shall attempt to, disturb, frighten, shoot, throw missiles at or capture any fish, bird or animal on the Lands.

5.11 No person shall, unless the holder is in possession of a Permit, sell, expose for sale, offer for sale, lease or hire, or solicit orders for the purchase, lease or hire of any goods, wares, merchandise or any other article whatsoever on the Lands.

5.12 No person shall use any place set aside pursuant to by-law 3.3 unless—

(a) such person is a member of the specified club or organisation;
(b) such person is using the place during the times specified; and
(c) such person is using the place for the sole purpose of the specific game, sport or exercise.

5.13 No person shall exercise, play or take part in any game, sport or gymnastic exercise anywhere other than at or in places set aside for that purpose by the Vice-Chancellor pursuant to by-law 3.3.

5.14 No person shall bring on to nor allow to remain on the Lands any animal whatsoever unless such person is in possession of a Permit authorising such act or such person does such act as an approved part of a course of study or research.

5.15 No person shall organise, arrange, advertise or participate in—

(a) any fete, picnic, concert or other performance; or
(b) any public speaking or preaching

on the Lands unless such person is the holder of and is in possession of a Permit authorising such act.

5.16 No person shall bet, offer to bet, or accept a bet on the Lands.

5.17 No person shall sell or purchase, or offer for sale or purchase, any permit, ticket or coupon for or intended to be for a consultation, sweep, jackpot, horse race or lottery, on the Lands unless such person is the holder of a Permit expressly authorising such act.

5.18 No person shall obstruct—

(a) the discharge by any member of the Police Force or any employee, servant or agent of the University of their duty on the Lands;
(b) the proper exercise by any other person of any of such other person's privileges and rights under these by-laws.

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