LEASE NO. 652/42 Lease for 999 Years

GEORGE THE FIFTH by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Emperor of India, Defender of the Faith.

TO ALL OF WHOM these presents shall come GREETING:

KNOW YE that We of Our Special Grace certain knowledge and mere motion do by these presents grant and demise unto THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA the natural surface and so much of the land as is below that natural surface to a depth of 200 feet of ALL THAT piece or parcel of land situated at Crawley near Perth in Our State of Western Australia known as Swan Location 2885 containing 102 acres 8 perches more or less as the same is delineated on the plan hereunto annexed and marked and distinguished in the maps and books of the Department of Lands and Surveys of Our State as Reserve No. 17331 TOGETHER WITH all easements and appurtenances to the said piece or parcel of land belonging or appertaining. TO HOLD the premises hereby demised or expressed so to be unto The University of Western Australia (hereinafter called the Lessee) from the first day of July One thousand nine hundred and nineteen for the term of nine hundred and ninety-nine years thence next ensuing. YIELDING AND PAYING therefor to Us Our Heirs and Successors one peppercorn of yearly rent on the twenty-fifth day of March in every year or so soon thereafter as the same shall be lawfully demanded. PROVIDED ALWAYS AND IT IS HEREBY DECLARED that this Lease is granted under and subject to the following conditions, namely—

(a) that the land hereby demised shall, except as hereinafter expressed, at all times during the said term be used by the lessee as a site for the main buildings of the said University and for no other purpose whatsoever without the licence in writing of Us Our Heirs and Successors first obtained:

(b) that if the portion of the demised land containing 22 acres, 3 roods, 2 perches, delineated on the said Plan and therein hatched with the colour red, is at any time within ten years from the commencement of this Lease required by Us for the purposes of a Forest Products Laboratory, the lessee shall surrender to us such portion of the demised land together with that portion of the demised land containing 3 roods 13 perches and delineated on the said plan and hatched with the colour blue, for the purpose of an extension of Myers Street; and

(c) if at any time hereafter the intention to establish the University main buildings on the demised land, or some portion thereof, is abandoned, and such buildings are erected on some other site, this lease may be determined and the lessee shall, if required so to do by the Governor of Our said State, surrender this Lease.

And if the lessee at any time during the said term shall make default in payment of the rent hereinbefore reserved if demanded or shall without such licence as aforesaid use the demised land otherwise than for the purpose for which it has been demised, or shall otherwise fail in the observance of the conditions as aforesaid, it shall thereupon be lawful for Us Our Heirs and Successors into and upon the said land or any part thereof in the name of the whole to re-enter and the same to have again repossess and enjoy as if this demise had never been executed. PROVIDED FURTHER and that We do hereby save and reserve to Us our Heirs and Successors all mines of gold, silver, copper, tin or other metals ore and mineral or other substances containing metals and all gems and precious stones and coal or mineral oil and all phosphatic substances in or under the said land with full liberty at all times to search and dig for and carry away the same and for that purpose enter upon the said land or any part thereof.

IN WITNESS thereof we have caused our trusty and well beloved Sir Francis Alexander Newdegate, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, Administrator of our State of Western Australia, to affix to these presents the Public Seal of Our said State.

SEALED at Perth aforesaid this THIRD day of MARCH, 1920.

(Signed) F. A. NEWDEGATE, Administrator

Registered the 11th day of August 1921, in conformity with Section 5 of the Act No. 54 of 1909, and numbered 1455/1921.

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The original lease from 1920