Relationship to other legislation: Regulations for student conduct and discipline

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  • Regulations for Student Conduct and Discipline

25. Nothing in these regulations affects the power or authority of a person or body in the University under—

(a) an Act of Parliament; or

(b) a University statute or a University regulation, by-law, or Senate resolution.

Student ceasing to be a student

26. The University may deal with misconduct under these Regulations even if the student alleged to have committed it ceases to be a student before proceedings are finalised and may proceed as if the student had continued to be a student.

Offences under criminal law 

27.(1) If the alleged misconduct is also an offence under criminal law, action under these Regulations may continue, but may be deferred at the discretion of the the Vice-Chancellor may decide pending a police investigation or prosecution.

(2) In the case of all other offences under the criminal law, no action may be taken under these Regulations, other than suspension under regulation 28, unless—

(a) the matter has been reported to the police; and

(b)(i) the matter has been either prosecuted; or

(ii) a decision not to prosecute has been taken; or

(iii) more than six months has elapsed since the matter was reported to the police.

(3) If the conditions in sub-regulation (2) have been met, the Vice-Chancellor may decide whether disciplinary action under these Regulations should continue or be taken.

(4) If a finding of misconduct is made and the student has also been sentenced by a criminal court in respect of the same facts, the court's penalty must be taken into consideration in determining the penalty under these Regulations. 

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