Powers of members of the Academic Staff and Unit Coordinators of the University: Regulations for student conduct and discipline

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  • Regulations for Student Conduct and Discipline

6.(1) A member of the academic staff who determines that a student has committed an act of misconduct by disrupting a lecture, seminar, tutorial, laboratory or other class or library session conducted or supervised by the member of staff, may do one or more of the following - 

(a) suspend any or all of the student's rights and privileges with respect to attendance at or participation in the activity concerned for a period not exceeding one University working day;

(b) if necessary require through a security officer that the student immediately leave the activity which the student has disrupted.

(2) A member of academic staff who suspends any or all of a student's rights and privileges in accordance with sub-regulation (1) must report this matter in writing to the relevant head of school within five University working days.

(3) A member of academic staff who is also the unit coordinator of the unit in which academic misconduct occurred, may do one of the following in accordance with the level of academic misconduct as outlined in the University Policy on: Academic Integrity -

(a) require the student to resubmit a revised assessment item or to do further work for the assessment item in the unit in accordance with paragraph 3(1)(e);

(b) deduct marks for an assessment item in accordance with paragraph 3(1)(d);

(c) award a mark of zero for the assessment item in accordance with paragraph 3(1)(d).

6.(4) Specific procedural responsibilities of members of the academic staff and unit coordinators in relation to instances of alleged academic misconduct are as set out in the University Policy on: Academic Integrity.