Faculty societies


13.1 General Regulations

13.1.1 The Guild Council may register, as an additional faculty society, any society which—

(a) has, as its chief aim, the representation of students of the University by virtue of their membership of a University faculty or school;

(b) is directly associated with a University degree, having in its title the name of the faculty or school concerned; and

(c) does not unreasonably overlap with an existing faculty society registered with the Guild.

13.1.2 The registered faculty societies of the University are the:

(a) Students of Natural and Agricultural Science (SNAGS);

(b) Architectural, Landscape and Visual Arts (ALVA) Students' Association;

(c) Arts Union;

(d) Blackstone Society;

(e) University Dental Students' Society;

(f) Economics and Commerce Students' Society;

(g) Education Union;

(h) Health Science Society;

(i) Music Students' Society;

(j) Science Union;

(k) University Engineers Club; and

(l) Western Australian Medical Student's Society.

13.1.3 Notwithstanding the requirements of Regulation 13.1, Guild Council will consider on its merits each application for registration as a faculty society submitted by a faculty or school.

13.1.4 Within the first three weeks of the start of first semester of the academic year, each faculty society will provide the Guild Executive with a copy of its budget for the current academic year together with its financial statements for the previous academic year.

13.1.5 All students included in a faculty may vote in an election held to fill a vacancy of an elected office of the faculty society provided that the student is an ordinary member of the Guild.

13.1.6 Monies granted to Faculty societies by the Guild must only be applied for the purposes of providing amenities or services for students or for the development of cultural, social, sporting or recreational activities related to the University.

13.1.7 Faculty societies must not use any monies provided by the Guild for the purpose of making a gift.

13.1.8 Faculty societies must endeavour to represent all students within their faculty and, where appropriate, liaise with other relevant student societies and the Postgraduate Students Association.

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