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Policies are statements of the principles which govern decision-making.

Procedures are the functional steps used to implement policies.

Principles in this context are to be understood as being both broad and detailed.

The operation of the University is governed by a range of Commonwealth and State legislation and by the University's statutes, by-laws, regulations, rules and policies.

As a student, you should be aware of these, as they affect many aspects of your experiences at the University.

A Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities details your rights and what is expected of you at UWA. Make yourself aware of and comply with the relevant statutes, regulations, rules and policies. You will be required to sign an on-line declaration agreeing to abide by these.

Other important sources of information are the University Handbook and Legislation and other documents

The following policies are grouped under headings to reflect your student lifecycle. The list is not exhaustive and other policies can be reached through the search page.

  1. Admission and enrolment
  2. Fees and charges
  3. Assessment and examinations
  4. Academic performance
  5. Honours award
  6. Higher degree by research
  7. Student conduct
  8. Appeals and complaints
  9. Graduation

Admission and enrolment

Fees and charges

Assessment and examinations

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Academic performance

Honours award

Higher degree by research

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Student conduct

Appeals and complaints


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