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Facilities Management
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Development and Alumni Relations - Central Unit
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29/08/2016 Revised 26/06/2020
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Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global Partnerships

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The University of Western Australia

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University Policy on: Flag Protocol

Overtype Policy Name with the name of the policy. This must convey specifically, accurately and succinctly what the policy addresses eg Award of Honours, Study Leave.

1 Purpose:

1.1 The purpose of this Policy is to:

1.1.1 express the flag raising and lowering practices of the University; and

1.1.2 contribute to a University culture of integrity.


1.2 In this Policy:




Flag Protocol

Flags of Other Nations

Other Flags Prescribed by the Flags Act, 1953

Community Flags


1.3 This Policy is to be read in conjunction with the following:

1.3.1 Specification of the State Flag


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Example 1

This policy defines the nature and purpose of study leave provisions for academic staff and sets out eligibility criteria and other conditions that apply.

Example 2

This policy seeks to rationalise the award of honours across the University by addressing such issues as: entry standards, course content and structure, supervision, assessment, examination, grades, classifications, benchmarking and the maintenance and provision of documentation relating to these matters. It is based on resolutions of the Academic Board flowing from the 1999 report of the Honours Working Party.

under the definitions heading to get the definitions style.

2 Scope:

2.1 Institutional Scope

The Scope of this Policy applies to the entire University.


2.2 Individual Scope

The scope of this Policy applies to the entire University Community.



3 Flag Protocol:

The University will acknowledge and respect the Flag of Australia and will follow the Australian Government flag protocol as determined by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

As the foremost symbol of the nation, the University will use the Flag of Australia with respect and dignity.

The University will fly the Flag of Australia, the Australian Aboriginal Flag and the State Flag of Western Australia.

The order of precedence for flying flags at the University is:

Flag of Australia;

State Flag of Western Australia;

Australian Aboriginal Flag;

other flags prescribed by the Flags Act 1953;

The Flag of The University of Western Australia; and

Pride Flag, Flag of Convocation and other community flags, ensigns and pennants (including local government, private organisations, sporting clubs and community groups).

Unless all flags on display can be raised and lowered simultaneously, the Flag of Australia should be raised first and lowered last.


3.1 Flags at Half-mast

The University may fly flags at half-mast as directed by the Australian Government or the Government of Western Australia at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor.

The University may fly flags at half-mast at other times at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor.

The University must fly all flags at half-mast and not fly individual flags at half-mast.

The University must not fly flags at half-mast between dusk and dawn.




Flying the flag:

- The flag should be raised briskly and lowered ceremoniously.

- The flag should be raised no earlier than first light and lowered no later than dusk.

- When the flag is raised or lowered, or when it is carried in a parade or review, everyone present should be silent and face the flag. People in uniform should salute.

- The flag should always be flown freely and as close as possible to the top of the flagpole (unless flying at half-mast as per section 3.1 with the rope tightly secured.

- When the Flag of Australia is flown with flags of other nations, all flags should be the same size and flown on flagpoles of the same height.

- When flying with only one other national flag, the Flag of Australia should fly on the left of a person facing Winthrop Hall.

- Two flags should not be flown from the same flagpole.

- The flag may be flown at night only when it is illuminated.

- The flag should never be flown if it is damaged, faded or dilapidated. When the material of a flag deteriorates it should be destroyed privately and in a dignified way i.e. it may be cut into small unrecognisable pieces then disposed of with the normal rubbish collection.

- The flag should not be flown upside down, even as a signal of distress.

- The flag should not fall or lie on the ground or be used as a cover (although it can be used to cover a coffin at a funeral).

- Information on the protocols for displaying and folding the flag can be found in Part 2 of the booklet Australian Flags, which is available from your Federal Member of Parliament or Senator.



4 Flags of Other Nations

The University acknowledges and respects the flags of other nations but will not usually raise flags of other nations.


5 Other Flags Prescribed by the Flags Act, 1953


5.1 Torres Strait Islander Flag

The Torres Strait Islander Flag will fly during:

up to a period of seven days prior, including and after NAIDOC Week;

up to a period of seven days prior, including and after WASAC Marr Danju Week; and

up to a period of seven days prior, including and after Reconciliation Week.


6 Community Flags

The Policy Administrator will develop and manage a Flag Timetable and make this available to the University Community.


6.1 Pride Flag

The Pride Flag will fly unless temporarily replaced by another community flag at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor as advised by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Global Partnerships and the UWA Student Guild President.

The Pride Flag must fly during:


UWA Student Guild Pride Department Week;

WA PrideFest Week;

International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia Day;

Stonewall Day; and

World HIV/Aids Day.


6.2 Flag of Convocation

The Flag of Convocation will fly:

Up to a period of seven days prior, including and after Convocation Day;

Up to a period of seven days prior, including and after ordinary meetings of Convocation;

for a period of 24 hours on Graduation days;

for a period of 24 hours on the day of each 50th Reunion from Graduation; and

at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor as advised by the Policy Custodian of this Policy to mark special Convocation events.




Members of the University Community wishing to fly a community flag, must contact the Policy Administrator using [email protected]

Community flags must be delivered to UWA Security the day before the approved date.



7 Breach of Policy

Failure to comply with this Policy by a member of the University Community may be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action.



8 Definitions

Policy is defined in the Policy Framework Policy.

University is defined in the Policy Framework Policy.

University Community is defined in the Policy Framework Policy.




Policy or Procedure?

Policies are statements of the principles1 which govern decision-making.

Procedures are the functional steps used to implement policies.

1 Principles in this context are to be understood as being both broad and detailed.

The policy statement makes clear the intent of the policy. It must be written in clear, precise and direct language. Short sentences are preferable. Any specialist words or acronyms must be defined at the beginning of the statement. (A guide to writing styles will be available soon.)

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Related forms:


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Note: Forms are a means through which policy is processed, not made. Forms must reflect policy and must not be used to create policy.

Policy No:


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DVC Global Partnerships



DVC Global Partnerships



Chief Advancement Officer



Manager, Policy

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Academic Board/Council


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Date original policy approved:

29 August 2016

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26 June 2020

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Contact position:

Manager, Policy

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Related Policies or legislation:

Specifications of the State Flag of Western Australia

Provide details of, and, if appropriate, web links to, other policies, legislation or committee resolutions that relate to the subject of the policy, if known, eg Statute(s), University General Rule(s). If unsure what these might be, try one or more of the following:

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