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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Memorial Services on Campus

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This document outlines the University's policy in relation to the holding of Memorial Services on Campus.

Funeral Services are not allowed due to the diverse cultural and religious sensitivities of students and staff, and the usually very short notice and potential disruption to University operations.


In the context of this policy,

High Ranking staff means past and present Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, pre-eminent executive, deans and academic staff

Pre-eminent Alumni means Industry Leaders

Public Officials means Cabinet Ministers and Diplomats

People of Profile means Leading Researchers, Professionals & Philanthropists

Policy statement:

1 General Principles

1.1 Eligibility

1.1.1 High ranking UWA staff at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor

1.1.2 Prominent Alumni at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor

1.1.3 High ranking Public Officials or People of Profile at the request of the Premiers Office

1.2 Approving authority

1.2.1 Campus Buildings and Grounds - Vice-Chancellor or delegated authority

1.2.2 The University Club of Western Australia - Club Management

1.3 Timing

1.3.1 Memorial services on campus are normally restricted to weekends only in Teaching Semester.

1.3.2 Memorial services are not allowed during the following periods:

  • Enrolment
  • Exam
  • Graduation
  • Orientation Day
  • UWA Open Day
  • Perth International Writers Festival
  • Upon identification of potential conflicting activities

1.4 Location

1.4.1 Memorial services on campus are restricted to the following areas:

  • Winthrop Hall and Undercroft
  • The Octagon Theatre
  • The Somerville
  • The Sunken Garden
  • The University Club of Western Australia

1.5 Parking

  • Reserved parking on Riley Oval is not usually permitted
  • Reserved parking is restricted to carpark 1 only (maximum 280 bays)
  • Pre-arranged reserve parking will free of charge
  • All other parking is subject to availability and chargeable

1.6 Cost Responsibility

1.6.1 The University of Western Australia

- Service Fees (Waived at the Vice-Chancellors discretion)

- In-house Audio Visual Equipment and Technical support (Vice-Chancellery)

- Labour and Overtime costs (Vice-Chancellery)

- Aesthetic improvement and Housekeeping costs (Campus Management)

1.6.2 The Family

- Non-standard equipment hire

- External Audio Visual and Technical support

- Printing costs

- Flowers and Catering

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