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Facilities Management
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Campus Management - Central Unit
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01/02/1999 Revised 01/09/2013
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Executive Director Finance & Resources

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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Management of University Space

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy identifies the principles that apply in responding to the accommodation needs of building occupants at the University. The procedures set out the roles and responsibilities of Facilities Management as the custodian of the Universitys built environment and the roles and responsibilities of building occupants to whom the policy applies.


Approved delegate: a position granted authority to act on behalf of the Vice Chancellor with varied levels of authority in line with the University's Delegations.

Built environment: buildings and/or landscaped surrounds on University owned or leased property.

Space: areas and rooms for the purpose of conducting University business.

Teaching and learning and research laboratory space: teaching and learning space includes seminar rooms, lecture rooms indoors or outdoors and specialist teaching rooms; research laboratory space includes dedicated research facilities.

University: The University of Western Australia.

Policy Statement:

Faculty Deans or authorised delegates are required to consult with Facilities Management on changes to allocated space and changes to the function of allocated accommodation. This policy is underpinned by the following principles.


1. Schools may not alter the use of existing teaching and learning or research laboratory spaces.

2. Faculty Deans or approved delegates are responsible for resolving space issues within the existing faculty allocation as far as possible.

3. Faculty Deans or approved delegates may apply to decrease or increase the faculty allocation of space in consultation with Facilities Management. Facilities Management will provide assistance to the Faculty with a business case outlining requirements for submission and approval from the Facilities Development Committee.

4. When Facilities Management reviews a Facultys or Divisions accommodation requirements it may decide to recommend any one of the following options:

a. Existing accommodation should be refurbished.

b. Vacant accommodation is allocated to the Faculty or Division to resolve a problem.

c. Accommodation is leased off campus, in which case the Faculty or Division will be asked to contribute towards the cost.

d. Occasionally, approval may be granted for the use of a transportable building if it can be provided within the existing Senate Guidelines. The guidelines provide for the use of transportable buildings if there is no other solution to the problem, and on condition that approval is only for three years, after which it must be removed.

e. A new building may be provided at a future time.


School/Faculty or Division:

The School which has too little accommodation makes an initial request for more space to the Dean who will attempt to resolve the problem by reallocating space from within the Faculty.

If it is not possible to resolve the space problem at Faculty level, the Dean or approved delegate submits a request to Facilities Management for options. Applications for areas exceeding 500m2 or controversial space allocation matters will be considered after a business case, in the format of an Expression of Interest application, has been submitted to the Facilities Development Committee.

Facilities Management:

1. Receives space requests.

2. Considers all available planning options.

3. Resolves space issues within the University in consultation with Dean or equivalent.

4. If there is no space available on campus, seeks leased space via a business case with Property Management team that is presented to the Executive Director Finance & Resources for approval.

5. For long term space planning solutions, Facilities Management consults with UWA stakeholders including supporting Faculty Deans with the preparation of a business case presented to the Facilities Development Committee in a request for approval for funding.

6. On approval of funding a project is then initiated with Facilities Managements Capital Projects team.

7. Conducts space surveys and reports on the current use of space.

8. Records and maintains the Facilities Management Space data base.

9. Advises on University space benchmarking standards.

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Contact position:

Director, Facilities Management

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