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Facilities Management
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Campus Management - Central Unit
Date Approved
01/10/1998 Revised 01/09/2013
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Executive Director Finance & Resources

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University Policy on: Alterations to University Buildings

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

Facilities Management is the delegated custodian of the University's built environment. As such, Facilities Management is responsible for ensuring that University buildings comply with contemporary building codes and health and safety legislation and that the required maintenance of all buildings can be programmed efficiently. This policy outlines the principles to achieve these objectives. The procedures set out the roles and responsibilities of staff, and building occupants and maintenance contractors to whom the policy applies.


Approved delegate: a position granted authority to act on behalf of the Vice Chancellor with varied levels of authority in line with the University's Delegations.

Built environment: buildings and/or landscaped surrounds on University owned or leased property.

Contractors: any trades staff contracted or sub-contracted to perform construction or maintenance work on the University's built environment.

Structural changes or alterations to building fabric: include the following services but are not limited to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, exhaust, fume cupboards, asbestos removal, electrical services, fire systems, heavy loadings, sign posting, hoists, cranes, plumbing, water and waste drainage, telephone services, computer cabling, dangerous goods, solvents, flammable liquids and chemical stores, gas systems, cylinder stores, pressure vessels, compressed air, steam generators and boilers, removal of PCB containers or insulating oils, fixed furniture, floor coverings, painting or decorating.

University: The University of Western Australia.

Policy statement:

Plans to alter or structurally make changes to University owned buildings must have prior approval from Facilities Management. This policy is underpinned by the following principles.


  1. Faculties, Schools or entities must not independently undertake changes or alteration work to University owned buildings.
  1. All structural changes or alterations to the fabric of a building must have the prior approval of the Director Facilities Management or delegate.
  1. Schools or equivalent must notify Facilities Management of all proposed works at the earliest possible stage in the planning process.
  1. Facilities Management will review all proposals for conflict with statutory requirements or University policy.
  1. Facilities Management will provide advice on economical options and updates to the Building Codes and relevant Australian Standards.
  1. Schools are required to work in association with Facilities Management to develop the scope of works and following agreement, management of the contract is undertaken by Facilities Management.
  1. All costs to remedy non-compliant work are charged to Schools and will include labour and products, the redesign process and negotiation with statutory authorities.
  1. Compliance with this policy will ensure that work areas meet their duty of care in providing a safe place to work.



The approved delegate completes a service request form.

Develop a brief for the alteration of works that is appropriate and consistent with University policies with Facilities Management's Associate Director Capital Projects.

Facilities Management:

Planning - Reviews/prepares schematic drawings based on requirements of the Faculty/School, to ensure safety and compliance is met, and that design principals meet Heritage and State Planning requirements.

Physical Planning - Prepares cost estimate and confirms the funding source with the Faculty/School.

Building Licence - Ensures that the detailed drawings are compliant with building standards and meet health and safety legislation for the requirements of services engineering, structure and fabric.

Procurement - Develops technical design and obtains competitive tenders. Evaluates tenders and awards contract.

Construction - Project manages the agreed scope of works, ensuring delivery is in line with cost, program and quality objectives. Administers the terms of building contract and manages variations/instructions. Agrees on the final account for works.

Handover - Conducts formal handover of works with Faculty/School to ensure agreed objectives are met.

Review - Reports on project including actual cost versus budget, program, lessons learnt, and post-occupancy evaluation.


On Site Attendance Register - All contractors engaged in construction or maintenance work at Crawley, Nedlands and Park Avenue sites must present to Facilities Management, Contractor Administration and sign the register before commencement of work and to sign out on completion of work each day. The only exception is where construction sites have their own site office with provision for sign on and sign out.

Asbestos Register - All contractors are required to check the asbestos register at Facilities Management prior to commencement of work and report any additional potential asbestos hazards. For further information refer to the Asbestos Management Procedure.

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Contact position:

Director, Facilities Management

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