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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Display of museum artworks

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy outlines the criteria and process for the display of artwork from the cultural collections of The University of Western Australia on campus.


For the purposes of this policy and any related procedures, the University means the University of Western Australia.

Artworks means an artwork from The University of Western Australia Campus Display Collection.

Policy statement:

1 General Principles

1.1 The policy is administered by the University Cultural Collections Board and implemented by officers of University of Western Australia Museums.

2 Eligibility and availability

2.1 UWA locations must meet environmental, security and accountability conditions before they can be considered for the placement of artworks.

2.2 Works of art from The University of Western Australia Campus Display Collection may be installed in the following areas:

  • In the offices of Executive Management, representatives of the Vice-Chancellery and other high profile areas within the University
  • Executive Deans; and
  • Selected high-profile public spaces on the UWA campus.

2.3 UWA Museums staff may consider other spaces on a case-by-case basis.

2.4 To minimize the potential for damage UWA Museums Staff must specify the positioning of artworks in each location.

2.5 The UWA Art Collection, Berndt Museum and the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art must nominate a group of artworks suitable for campus display.

2.6 An insurance limit of $10 000 per artwork must be set, subject to clause 2.7

2.7 Further to 2.8, the Vice-Chancellery may display higher value works from the three collections in view of its security systems.


1 All requests for the display of artworks to be directed to the Director of the Cultural Precinct in writing and forwarded to relevant UWA Museums staff.

2 UWA Museums staff to make a site visit to ascertain security and environmental issues, and possibilities for display, and liaise with relevant contact in the selection of artworks. In the first instance a file of photographic reproductions from 'The University of Western Australia Campus Display Collection' will assist in this process, though it is recognized that on occasion works will be viewed in storage.

3 The relevant section of the University to be provided with costings for installation staff time and materials.

4 The installation of works will accord with the scheduling priorities of UWA Museums staff. It may take up to 12 weeks from selection of works to installation.

5 Prior to the loan UWA Museums staff to complete a condition report for all works to be loaned. The reports will be used for reference in the case of damage and to monitor any deterioration to the work whilst on display.

6 An internal loan agreement for campus display to be agreed to and signed by the borrower prior to the dispatch of the material from UWA Museums.

7 Insurance: works displayed on campus are covered by the University Insurance policy

8 UWA Museums require a minimum of two months notice for campus display requests.

3 Loan criteria and conditions

3.1 UWA Museums reserves the right to recall the loan at any time if the loan conditions are not met, and disclaims any liability resulting from such action.

3.2 The following conditions for loans must be met by locations:

3.2.1 Security:

  • Adequate security must be provided by the borrower.
  • A statement of the proposed security provisions must be forwarded with the signed loan agreement.

3.2.2 Environmental:

  • The environmental conditions under which the material will be kept must not endanger the artworks (light levels must not be extreme, use of the area and amount of traffic will be taken into consideration).
  • UWA Museums advice must be sought for any proposed changes in location.
  • Artworks may only be moved or handled by UWA Museums staff.
  • Works may be rotated at the discretion of UWA Museums staff.

3.2.3 Accountability:

  • Loans must be made to a nominated individual.
  • The loan may terminate on that individual vacating his/her appointment.
  • UWA Museums must be notified when that individual intends to leave the University.

3.2.4 The Period of loan:

  • Artworks must be placed on display for a minimum period of 12 months and for a maximum period of 2 years subject to the discretion of UWA Museums staff.
  • It is expected that the work will remain on loan to the borrower for the specified loan period, but the Director, Cultural Precinct reserves the right to recall the work at any time by notice in writing to the borrower.

3.3 An Internal Loan Agreement for Campus Display, provided at the time of loan negotiation, must be signed by the Director of the Cultural Precinct and the borrower prior to the works being released.

3.4 Borrowers are responsible for the cost of packing, crating, transporting (including any special provisions that may be required during travel) and installation.

3.5 In the event of any damage or deterioration, such damage or deterioration must be reported immediately to UWA Museums.

3.6 No repair or restoration work of any kind must be attempted without the prior approval of the Director, UWA Museums.

3.7 Works must not be reproduced in documents or on websites without permission from relevant UWA Museums staff who can advise on the University's copyright responsibilities.

3.8 The UWA Museums Campus Display Standards and Requirements document, provided at the time of loan request, contains further information on borrowing of UWA Museum Artworks.

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