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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Courses: Articulation

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy deals with the objectives, assessment and standards applying to articulated courses.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that -

  • appropriate standards are maintained;
  • requirements for progressing from one course to another in a sequence of related courses, or for completing a lower level award in the sequence, are explicitly stated in course rules;
  • the structure of courses in an articulating sequence comply with relevant policy; and
  • the awarding of credit is standardised,

within the context of maintaining the University's reputation as a university of the highest international standing.


In this policy and any associated procedures,

the University means The University of Western Australia

course means a plan of study which a student must successfully undertake before qualifying for a degree, diploma or certificate

articulated course means a course comprising a sequence of related postgraduate courses in a specific discipline area which offers progression from one course level to another with credit granted for all units passed at the appropriate standard that have been completed in or credited towards the course of the previous level in the sequence, or which provides for the award of a relevant lower level qualification where a student has withdrawn from an articulated course having met the requirements of the corresponding lower level course.

Policy statement:

1 General principles

1.1 The sequence of courses within an articulated course may include a course for a graduate certificate, a graduate diploma, a master's degree and a doctoral degree by thesis and coursework.

1.2 An articulated course may offer a student progression from a lower level course to a higher level course (i.e. upward articulation) or may provide for a student to withdraw from the higher level course and exit with a qualification that relates to a lower level course (i.e. downward articulation).

2 Assessment

2.1 The same standards must apply to the assessment of the work of students in a unit that is offered across two or more courses within an articulated course irrespective of the course in which a student is enrolled and must be appropriate to the level of the unit.

3 Credit transfer

3.1 Credit may be granted for all units completed in an articulating course subject to the applicant meeting any prescribed standards of achievement in the articulating course.

4 Upward and downward articulation

4.1 To be able to exit from a higher level course with a qualification that relates to a lower level course in an articulated sequence, a student must:

  • withdraw from the higher level course; and
  • have met all requirements of the lower level course.

4.2 The rules for an articulated course must specify the requirements for upward articulation and/or downward articulation.

4.3 The rules specifying the course requirements for a lower level qualification must:

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