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Human Resources
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Human Resources - Central Unit
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14/02/2008 Revised 25/09/2014
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Fast Track Appointment (Staff Employed Under the Professional and General Staff Agreement)

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

A strategic priority of the University is to recruit, develop and retain the highest quality staff. To achieve this priority, vacancies will, wherever possible, be filled from a wide and diverse field of applicants.

This policy statement sets out an accountable and transparent process for managers and supervisors to fast track the appointment of eligible employees up to two levels higher than their substantive classification.

Fast track is an alternative appointment process to the standard competitive selection process and acts as a tool to accelerate the appointment process, supporting the University's employee retention strategy. Fast track facilitates succession planning and provides a mechanism for recognising high performance.

Fast track will streamline the appointment process for employees who have been identified as the most appropriate nomination for a position, eliminating the time consuming process of advertising and the full competitive selection process.

To ensure the University's credibility, the fast track process must be managed with integrity, accountability and transparency.

Fast track appointments will only be made in circumstances where there is only one obvious candidate and/or involve positions of specialisation. Fast track appointments will be an exception to usual competitive employment practices and are not intended to become the normal employment practice.

This policy defines the responsibilities of nominators, eligibility criteria for nominees and the opportunity for other employees to make application for review of a fast track nomination.

Casual employees are not eligible for fast track appointment.


"Applicant" is an employee who submits a written application to Human Resources requesting review of a fast track nomination.

"Approved Delegate" means a position granted authority to act on behalf of the Vice Chancellor with varied levels of authority in line with the University's organisational structure.

"Competitive Selection Process" means the determination of relative merit against selection criteria ensuring the best possible choice of applicant to fill a vacant position. Calls for expressions of interest do not constitute a competitive selection process.

"Employee" means a person employed by the University who has an ongoing or fixed term contract under the terms of the Professional and General Staff Agreement (as amended or replaced from time to time) or an Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA) except where the AWA has specific employment provisions which override this policy.

"Nominator" refers to the manager or supervisor who nominates an employee for fast track appointment.

"Nominee" refers to the employee who is nominated for fast track appointment.

"Probationary Requirements" means a period of up to twelve months for the University and the employee to establish whether there is an appropriate match of skills and behaviour to the requirements of the job and the work environment.

"Supervisor" means the person who is responsible for day-to-day supervision of the employee

"University" means The University of Western Australia.

Policy statement:

1 Policy

1.1 Employees on a fixed term or ongoing appointment, employed on a part or full time basis, may be considered for nomination for fast track appointment up to two levels higher than their substantive level.

1.2 Positions at Level 10 and above will not be filled by fast track appointment.

1.3 Newly created positions will not normally be approved as suitable for fast track appointment.

1.4 The selection process must be documented to ensure fast track decisions can be reviewed.

1.5 The Director, Human Resources has authority to approve all fast track nominations.

1.6 The fast track policy and process will be reviewed by Director, Human Resources on a quarterly basis over the first twelve months of its operation. A comprehensive review will be conducted at the end of this period.

2 Eligibility

2.1 Employees in positions classified up to and including Level 8 on either a fixed term or ongoing appointment, employed on a part or full time basis, may be considered for nomination up to and including Level 9.

2.2 The Nominee must have been employed through a competitive selection process when commencing or during their current period of employment with the University.

2.3 The Nominee will have demonstrated a high level of work performance in the position to be filled or in a readily comparable role and either -

  • successfully completed a probationary period with the University, or
  • received a satisfactory Performance and Development Appraisal (PDA) within the last three months.

2.4 Employees may only be appointed through the fast track process once in any three year period.

The Nominator ensures that the Position Description is up-to-date

- copies can be obtained by contacting Classifications on ext 1239, email to [email protected] or by accessing TRIM,

- email Position Description to [email protected] if any changes are made.

The Nominator considers the advantages and disadvantages specific to their work area, in consultation with their Approved Delegate, before making the decision to fill the vacancy through competitive selection or through the fast track process.

Staff within the work area must be notified of the fast track nomination prior to notification on the HR Website.

Fast Track Nomination Form and Nominee's CV are forwarded to HR Services - Advertising and Applicant Tracking.

In line with established University selection principles. Human Resources will first consider any redeployees or management initiated transferees who meet the requirements of the position. The Mobility Officer will advise the Approved Delegate if a redeployee or transferee is identified.

Following approval by Director, Human Resources, notification of the fast track nomination will be placed as an advertisement on Human Resources Job Vacancies website for a minimum of five working days.

3 Effective Date

The effective date of a successful fast track nomination will either be the approval date of the fast track nomination by Director, Human Resources or the date the Nominee commences in the position, whichever is the latter.

4 Application for Consideration of Fast Track Nomination

4.1 Employees who consider they meet the requirements of the position may submit a Request for Consideration form to Human Resources requesting review of a fast track nomination on the basis of their own claim to the position.

Employees who consider they meet the requirements of the position and who would like to be considered should forward a Request for Consideration form, together with their CV, to Human Resources Job Vacancies by the closing date stated in the advertisement.

On receipt of any Request for Consideration forms the Director, Human Resources will forward them to the authorising Approved Delegate.

The Approved Delegate will use a Competitive Selection Process to consider the claims of the Nominee and all Applicant/s to the position.

A representative of the Director, Human Resources will be a member of any selection panel.

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