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Human Resources
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Human Resources - Central Unit
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10/09/2007 Revised 29/04/2015
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Overpayments

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy defines the nature of salary, wages, one off payment and allowance overpayments at the University, the responsibilities of both employees and the University to identify and report overpayments and the requirement for all overpayments to be recovered.


"Debt Recovery" means Financial Services debt recovery processes for repayment of monies owed to the University which, following consultation and advice from a debt collection agency, will result in legal action if appropriate.

"Employee" means a person employed by the University who has an ongoing, fixed-term or casual contract under the terms of the following Agreements (as amended or replaced from time to time): Academic Staff Agreement, Professional and General Staff Agreement, ELICOS Teachers Agreement and Child Care Employees' Agreement or a scholarship holder.

"Overpayment" includes salary, wages, stipends and allowances paid through Human Resources Payroll (Alesco) which employees are not entitled to.

"University" means The University of Western Australia.

Policy statement:

Human Resources are committed to the provision of quality processes, practices and service.

The University is obliged to recover all overpayments.

Wherever and however an error occurs there is an equal, shared responsibility between Human Resources, the work area and the employee to identify and report any overpayments to ensure the error is rectified and recovered in a timely manner.

Employees who are overpaid are required to repay the overpayment and Human Resources will, on behalf of the University, seek to recoup the overpayment after consultation with the Employee.

Overpayments can occur for a number of reasons, including -

- timesheet incorrectly completed or entered

- late submission of leave forms for leave without pay/half pay

- reduction in fortnightly working hours

- late advice of resignation or end of employment contract

- unreported changes to appointment details

- duplicate processing of one off payments

- non deduction of superannuation

- non deduction of authorised payments

- human error

Overpayments will be recovered at a rate agreed between Human Resources and the employee. Generally however, it shall be repaid as a lump sum or fortnightly at either the rate at which the overpayment occurred or at 10% of the employee's gross fortnightly salary, whichever is the lesser amount.

The amount of repayment can only be varied on the grounds of financial hardship on approval of the Director, Human Resources.

Employees can elect to repay the overpayment

  • by instalment;
  • one single payment in full; or
  • by way of electronic funds transfer, cheque or salary deduction.

Employees who subsequently cease employment with the University, and have not yet repaid the full amount, will have the overpayment recouped from their final salary payment or termination payment. Where the overpayment is greater than the final salary or termination payment, the employee must arrange to repay the balance outstanding.

Overpayments that are not recovered by Human Resources are debts to the University. In circumstances where the employee does not respond to requests for repayment, the matter will be referred to Financial Services for formal Debt Recovery. Referral to Financial Services will incur additional administrative fees and charges. Financial Services, as part of administering University debtors, will engage the services of a Debt Collection Agency, where appropriate. All appropriate fees and charges will be recovered in conjunction with the original overpayment amount.

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