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Human Resources
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Human Resources - Central Unit
Date Approved
26/06/2007 Revised 20/09/2012
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Approving Body
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Uniforms and Protective Clothing

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy details the rights and responsibilities of employees in relation to the provision, care and maintenance of uniforms and protective clothing.


Employee - means a person employed by the University.

Policy statement:

1.1 Employees required by the University to wear protective clothing (e.g. dust coats, laboratory coats, overalls, gloves) or uniforms will have them provided free of charge.

1.2 Three sets of protective clothing or uniforms are to be supplied on appointment.

1.3 Employees are responsible for the care and maintenance of the protective clothing or uniforms except where infectious and / or hazardous materials are handled.

1.4 Protective clothing and / or uniforms will be replaced at the University's expense when damaged through reasonable wear and tear.

1.5 Protective clothing or uniforms remain the property of the University, therefore employees may be charged against their salary for any loss arising from neglect or misuse.

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