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University policy: Delegations

All delegations, classified under the functional areas listed on this page, must be forwarded to the relevant member of the University of Western Australia Executive.

The member will either approve the delegation if they have authority to do so, or if approval by another person or body is required (such as the Vice-Chancellor, Senate or Academic Board) will take responsibility for ensuring that the delegation is submitted for approval to the relevant person or body.

The Executive and the broad areas of responsibility:

Broad responsibility for the academic, administrative and financial business of the University.
Portfolio: University planning and resource allocation. External relations (shared with the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Information Services).
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
General deputy to the Vice-Chancellor and broad line management of the Deans.
Portfolio: Teaching and learning, undergraduate students, including international students.
Staffing: External relations (shared with the Vice-Chancellor).
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Portfolio: Research and research training, industry liaison and commercialisation.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Portfolio: teaching and learning policies, including the use of information technologies, course structures, international activities, student recruitment, and relationships with key education partners.
Registrar and Executive Director Corporate Services
Portfolio: Academic services, including student, research, planning, legal, governance, international, public affairs, development, and general administrative services.
Chief Operating Officer
Portfolio: Finance and Resources, including human resources, campus management, finance, risk, venues management and the University's student residences.

In addition, executive members represent the University in a number of external committees and forums and either chair or are members of, a wide range of University committees.

Code Functional Area Responsible Member of the Executive
01 Strategic Management Registrar
03 Personnel Chief Operating Officer
04 Industrial Relations Chief Operating Officer
05 Occupational Safety and Health Chief Operating Officer
06 Staff Development Chief Operating Officer
07 Financial Management Chief Operating Officer
08 Student Administration Registrar
09 Student Services Registrar
10 Teaching and Learning Registrar
11 Research Registrar
12 External Relations Registrar
13 Community Relations Registrar
14 Publication Registrar
15 Campus Management Chief Operating Officer
16 Information Management Vice-Chancellor
16 Information Management - Library Vice-Chancellor
17 Technology and Telecommunications Vice-Chancellor

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