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    University policy: Delegations

  • Delegations procedures
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Authorised signatory form

All persons with delegated authority for Human Resource and Financial Services delegations are required to register their signature with Human Resources and Financial Services using the official authorised signatory form.

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The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is charged with the duty of promoting the interests and furthering the development of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the academic, administrative, financial, and other business of the University; and exercises a general supervision over the staff and students of the University.

UWA's Delegations has been designed to clarify how various authorities are delegated by the Vice-Chancellor to members of staff and committees of the University.

How to use delegations reports

Delegated authority provides formal authority to an officer to commit the University and/or incur liabilities for the University.

The Function Report classifies delegations under keywords, such as financial management, student administration and gives a broad overview of the delegated authority in the University.

The Administration Report lists the delegations for which administrative units within the University are responsible and may include more than one function.

The Delegation Report lists delegations by position profile. Some positions are generic, such as "Director" or "Manager" and these terms are explained in definitions. Delegations of specific positions are listed under the title of the position, for example, Director Financial Services, Director Human Resources. These positions also hold the generic delegations of the Director 5a. Each delegate is listed under their appropriate band.

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